I am extremely grateful to be able to share this experience with you and allowing me to be your guide. Thank you for your kind and generous words filled with so much love. Ana




Iren Arsene Mate,CEO Curtea Veche Publishing

Until I met Ana Popescu, over the years, I have worked with 2-3 skilled therapists. In this way I was able to compare and evaluate my results and their methods. 

Ana does not only work with intuition, with inspiration, in advance she confirms them through readings, studies, workshops and a lot of work. She is the most complete and dedicated therapist I have ever worked with. In addition to complex techniques and new theories, methods appropriate to the times, I received from her the sincere joy of sharing, a fair optimism, much and sincere generosity, good energy and a lot of humor.
I worked with her both individually and in groups. 

She has a rare talent as a teacher, she keeps a good balance between what she asks and what she offers to the participants. The environment in which she works gives a lot of comfort and safety. The development is received and efficient long-term.
One day, I hope Ana sends me a manuscript, that our publishing house can publish her messages to a large audience. It would be a great joy for me.



Beatrice Cord,Entrepreneur & Founder Father Consulting

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for quite some time from New York to Bali all the way to Berlin and Bucharest. Even if I was lucky to practice with wonderful teachers who taught me a lot about form, and techniques it is rare to find someone at the same level as Ana. She is not just a wonderful teacher who can seemingly guide you through the intense practice of kundalini and through some of the most deep meditations. She is much more. A higher spirit, with intuition, divine light and spiritual understanding she can read a room, even a zoom room, she can feel a person and what is beyond their declared pains and she always knows how and where to work so that after every single session with her you truly feel reborn.  

I practiced with Ana for more than a year now and I can say that no one touches the gong just as magically as she can do and no one can transport you on such a higher level she can even during a zoom session. 

I hope she will continue to heal us all and support us in uncovering the deepest fears so we can get to the raw power our inner souls have!



Corina Barladeanu, CEO 2Active PR & Entrepreneur

For one’s evolution it is crucial that you are around those kind of people who see potential. And then they maximize it. Ana is exactly that. She is a phenomenal blend of artist and trainer and yoga teacher. Results of the work we have done together are amazing. I am only hoping she keeps me on her clients list for as long as I live!



Virgil Stanescu,Executive Director CEO Clubs & President Sports HUB

I had the chance of working with Ana and getting to know her in the process. Her charisma did not stop with her appearance, but took me and all the other participants in a journey well crafted. 

Ana is a top professional looking to get better all the time, to learn, and to reinvent. She is an explorer of the body and mind letting you feel comfortable to exercise and to focus on yourself.



Raluca Teleanu, Pediatric Neurologist

Ana is a very special person in my life. She is an inspired yoga teacher, a great and kind human being and a very talented artist. I love her Kundalini yoga classes because every class is different, every class is so insightful, so provocative and  deep. Her private classes are also very special. Her intuitive personality guided me and helped me to become a better version of me. My connection with my body is better. It is a pleasure to work with her and an opportunity to have new experiences.



Anca Miron, Production Designer & Yoga Teacher

My experience with Ana as my teacher is the conjunction between a well built structure, and freedom. Earthliness and Sky, the humane and the saintly, the known and the possibility of the unknown. Her lovingly constructed teaching system, always growing, always receiving and always giving back, offers me stability, a certain kind of relief rooted in a solid base, and so much freedom, so much courage for freedom is allowed to emerge from that. She is a wonderful teacher, and I have so much gratitude for her. And because she is my first yoga teacher she will always be dear to me.



Daniel Hancu,Sales Manager Europe Emerson Co.

I have participated already in four retreats organized by Pawan team. Definitely it was a high quality time spent together, I’m looking forward to next one and I’ll love to join. The group often becomes close friends and family atmosphere one. The schedule and classes have usually a story, a design and a subject behind, with very good organization and very experienced teachers, open to share their knowledge. 



Cristina, Yoga Teacher

I really love the energy I have during and after I practice here. This may be different than what people are usually expecting from yoga, but here you don’t find only the physical aspect of a practice, but you discover and learn about the spirituality that comes within. I recommend this place if you are on the path to discovering yourself.



Boroka Biro, Cinematographer 

My journey started a few years ago. I wanted to try yoga, tried different studios and styles but couldn’t commit to them. Then a friend told me about Pawan Yoga Studio and she especially recommended Ana’s Kundalini sessions. I instantly fell in love with the studio and this type of yoga and Ana’s charismatic and profound teaching. It is always different and interesting. It helped me in my personal discovery and development, I became more aware, compassionate and it broadened my horizon. Even though I love the live group energy, the sense of community, I feel the online classes are just as powerful and the experience is more personal and undisturbed.



Oana Oprea, Group DataProtection,Risk & Compliance Officer

I discovered yoga few years ago. I tried other styles as well, and other teachers, but I felt that something was missing. I didn’t want just to make my body move, I wanted to nourish my all my being, my mind, my soul. Ana puts her heart in this to build a connection, something that goes beyond words, it just is and you just feel it, she knows when you are tired or full power even from the beginning of the class and adjusts the rhythm for all of us, even in the online sessions, it’s like reading our minds.
Each class develops in a different kind of energy and reveals a new Ana! My love and gratitude, Ana!



Vlad Grigoras, Founder Innovation Education Lab & NLP Coach 

The experience of Kundalini practice and the Gong with Ana is energetic and rejuvenates the body, it feels like focusing the inner power and refuelling its reservoir. Behind the scenes Ana is walking this path of service and support, offering unconditional support, presence and safety and I think that most of all she has this gift to transmit what you need to hear, feel, to boost and empower you. For this I believe Ana is a continuous source of positivity (even if in some classes her practice triggers me), of energy, and a model of passion and grit.



Daniela, Business Development Manager

I was at a low point in my life when I attended my first Kundalini yoga session at Pawan, as it sometimes happens with the greatest discoveries we make. I had practiced yoga before, but never on such a profound and conscious level. As for my first gong experience, it was truly one of the most liberating and exciting moments, when I felt at peace with myself and the world. In that moment, everything seemed to have fallen into place and the present moment was complete and perfect, regardless of its imperfections. Ana is an amazing teacher, genuinely warm and caring, who inspires us with her smile and  attitude towards life. I recommend kundalini yoga for everyone looking to improve their flexibility, breathing, immune system and overall health. I am grateful for the discipline and love it has brought into my life.



Catalin Enache aka Catalin de la Berlin, Fashion Stylist 

Ana cannot be put in any box. Describing her would be like  trying a wrong ‘sbagliato’ for the first time. She is no doubt an experience, a profound feeling of ‘home’, a warm feeling of safeness & a magic sparkle that you never knew you can’t live without. Ana is just like a good movie: it entertains you, makes you cry sometimes, it helps you see the big picture, she makes you wonder and question yourself about life. I DARE you to witness one of her classes! Beware, enchantment!



Laura Andronescu, Director Alternative Training Personal & Corporate Training 

Ana’s classes are always a joy, an eye opener and an invitation to perseverance and building resilience. Especially the kundalini class! 

The way she explains and guides participants through the assanas and krias and how she connects with the entire group makes you feel energized for the whole week! I only wish my schedule would fit all her classes!



Oana Martha Igrisan, Founder Societatea Omului Sanatos & Apollo 111 Theatre 

I enjoy all the classes at Pawan. The energy, the movement and the people. Alignament and harmony for the mind, body and spirit, but mostly, at Pawan, I love Ana. She is a revelation to me. Her strong, but subtile energy brings me the joy of life each time I attend the kundalini classes.



Matthew, Entrepreneur 

The best, coolest yoga experience. Founder Ana Popescu is a master teacher who embodies the Kundalini tradition in a uniquely gentle yet effective manner. A serene oasis where time slows, breath deepens and your soul is restored, Pawan is easily on the same level as the top yoga studios in NYC, where I’m based. Amazing gong meditation too.



Erica Nagy,CEO Yoga Academy Romania 

Ana as a person is expansive, fascinating and in constant move and flow. As a yogi she is in constant development and search trying to achieve a better version of herself each day and with each practice. As a yoga teacher and therapist, Ana is committed and very passionate in spreading her knowledge of kundalini yoga, respecting the lineage she was formed in and her teachers. Her strength lies in her capacity to see beyond people surfaces leading them on the path of self healing and self-realisation. She is a fighter and always find a way on solving problems with a smile on her face.



Monica Badea, Holistic Health Coach

Honestly, I prefer the face to face classes, but nowadays we need to adapt to the current situation. 

I find Ana’s online kundalini sessions powerful and I really enjoy them. We build energy through working together and there is a wonderful group energy even in online classes.  

Honestly, I prefer the face to face classes, but nowadays we need to adapt to the current situation. 



Roxana,Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur

I am so grateful for Ana and Pawan Yoga Studio. I started my Kundalini journey in 2020 due to the pandemic and the search for myself. My friend knew Ana and she recommened her to me and it was the best thing that I’ve chose to do for upleveling. Ana’s classes are fun but, also challenging. You have to work with your mind a lot and break some barriers and patterns. It is not easy in the beginning but, as you practice and keep going you will start to notice changes in the way you think and act. Kundalini Yoga is better to be tried than to be described. Ana has a lot of knowledge, wisdom and always has the words with her- the kind of words that will make you ask questions and reflect. Also, the Pawan Yoga community is full of great, and supportive people. The best investment is in yourself, especially when you have the right people to guide you and Ana is one of them.




Elena, IT Developer

I met Ana Popescu from Pawan Yoga Studio a few years ago;  she surprised me with her lovely, optimistic, lively energy, with her own balanced style of leading the class.  Ana’s playful spirit is “contagious” and motivates you to work no matter how tired you are. Note bene to Ana for the way she communicates (efficiently and objectively), with a crystal clear voice and excellent diction;  the exercises are explained and exemplified with patience and precision. I worked in IT and at the time of our meeting, as I was just coming out of a burnout;  whenever I pushed and worked more I immediately felt my energy draining. At that time, a 2-hour weekly class gave me better vitality and an improved mental tone for the whole week. Recently, I have realised that after 3 months of exercise (twice a week, for 4 hours) the symptoms associated with PMS have improved considerably. Breath of fire performed daily for many months in a row had a beneficial effect on my digestive system and immunity. Thanks to Ana and her mentors for bringing Kundalini Yoga to Romania!