Platform guide

Hello and welcome to Pawan World!

The sessions taught by Ana and our collaborators, are meant to bring balance, transformation, introspection and prosperity.

Beautiful practices and “meditation recipes” by Ana Pawana 🙂

Here are some important information on how to access online or in location classes.

Online Acces:

Access to each online session (weekly livestream session, workshop or masterclass) is done directly from our platform, website from “My account” section. The confirmation email that you receive after you buy the virtual classes or workshops, does not represent the acces link nor it can lead to accessing your class. The email is just a confirmation of your order.

Further in this page we describe all steps to ensure an easy acces for beginners and newcomers.
The pictures attached at the end of the e-mail visually indicate the steps described.

Step 1: Check the website, in English or Romanian, access the customer account, the icon on the top right of the homepage or menu.

Step 2: Enter your email address, the same one as the one used when you have purchased your subscription or class.

Step 3: Enter the password, and if you’ve forgotten your password, no worries, you can reset it.

Step 4: Log in to your account and click on Orders (the sections lined up above), then the class will show up in your account. Click on the class checking the date, corresponding to the course day, because each class has a different link.

Step 5: After clicking you are directed to the zoom platform.

The Recordings:

1. The class recording will be sent separately to your e-mail, in the evening or the next day in the first part of the day.

2. The recordings are not hosted in the client account on the website, but you will be able to access the link directly from your email.

3. Your e-mail address where you will receive the recordings will be the same address you logged in on the website.

4. Live class recordings will be active for 7 days and sometimes we can extend for 2 more days.

5. In the case of recordings such as workshops, masterclasses, the duration in which you have access is up to 48 hours.

Pre-recorded programs:

1. The access to the pre-recorded programs is made directly from our platform from the customer account.
2. Access is available any time, so you can enjoy the practice without depending on a specific time or day.
3. Check the device you are accessing from because it may affect the sound quality of gong sessions.

Important notes:

If you are a beginner, we invite you to download from our website the brochure with essential information – the Pawan guide on the Homepage.

The duration of classes, workshops or masterclasses both online and in location is a 10 minutes possible delay. This back up is taken into account because if we operate online we have the possibility to adapt the class in case there is a technical problem. In the location also in case of delay due to traffic, but this way we have time to enjoy the practice.

Check the device and internet access in the personal space where you practice from and make sure it is ok.
Set your laptop or phone microphone on “mute” before the class starts and if you can, connect on time.

If you can’t participate live online, and you want to practice from the recording:
– in order to receive access to the recording after the class, you will have to purchase the live class from the site beforehand, but at the latest on the day of the class.

The best advice: pay attention to how you feel. Listen to your body and how you feel every day. Make sure you are medically fit for exercise, yoga and meditation. Let your breath guide you. Respect your limits and take care of yourself gently.

Practice with balance, compassion & awareness ❤️

Peace, Love & Light
Pawan Team