Retreat in Transylvania

Pawan Retreats are a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, learn and cultivate your abilities, relax and rejoice. Unclench & unwind in a creative way, in unique environments. Pawan creates and designs special retreats on various topics, offering unique experiences. The ultimate goal: deepening your knowledge about yoga and more, while rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul. Every detail is handpicked to ignite authentic physical & emotional changes – from the national or international location chosen, to the specific program as we are focused on personal and professional growth, elevation, and awareness.

Spring Retreat 2024

29th of February – 3rd of March

Soulful Equilibrium Retreat – Journey to Inner and Outer Harmony


Join our Yoga and Nutrition Retreat for a harmonious blend of wellness holistic practices, where yoga meets mindful nutrition.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to a 4-day unique retreat in our home country Romania, hosted in a historical location – a quaint village in Transylvania that dates back 600 years. During this 4-day experiential retreat, you will be deeply connecting with yourself, learning and practicing powerful yoga and wellness techniques and nourishing your body with food made by our exquisite private chef Anca.

To better enable your body to support you in the journey, we are complementing the experience introducing in our program Kundalini Fitness, nutrition and learning hands on all about vegetarian and vegan cuisine in a private workshop hosted by the chef.

We will be supporting your healing, transformation, and elevation through a variety of approaches and will also add to our retreat activities the powerful ritual of Journaling, obtaining body flow through Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, as well as the healing technique of Sat Nam Rasayan and Mandalas of Light. We have prepared a one-of-a-kind experience and we are excited to share this first-time experience with you, All Inclusive 4-Day Retreat Experience In the heart of Transylvania.

Embark on a transformative journey at our Yoga and Nutrition Retreat, where the union of ancient yogic practices and wholesome nutrition creates a symphony of well-being. Immerse yourself in revitalizing yoga sessions that nurture your body and soul, complemented by thoughtfully curated, nutrient-rich meals. This retreat is a holistic sanctuary, guiding you towards balance, vitality, and a renewed connection with your inner self.

Kundalini fitness is a holistic approach to well-being that draws from Kundalini yoga principles. It involves dynamic movements, specific postures, breathwork (pranayama), and meditation. The practice aims to awaken and harness the energy within the body, known as Kundalini energy, to promote physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Developing a positive relationship with food is a journey that involves mindfulness, variety, and self-compassion. By embracing these principles, you can foster a lasting and nourishing connection with what you eat, improving your overall health and well-being.


*3 nights of accommodation in beautiful historical buildings in the heart of Transylvania
*ALL meals included cooked with love by our private chef Anca during the retreat (breakfast and dinner and late afternoon snack break)
*ALL yoga sessions included: Early Morning Sadhana practice, Kundalini Yoga Sessions, Sat Nam Rasayan, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga

*Kundalini Fitness sessions enhanced with nutrition based knowledge by Iulia
*1 workshop about the basics of nutrition and the benefits of cooking vegan/vegetarian
*Customized and personalized process for the Mandalas of Light
*ALL meditations included: Mantra and Meditations, Sound Healing Gong Bath, The Healing technique of Sat Nam Rasayan
*Q & A sessions after each practice 

*Other beautiful surprises 


– You’ll be further along in your healing process, rejuvenated, nourished, and have gained a greater sense of balance between your body, heart and mind
– You’ll have know more about the kundalini yoga somatic practices and meditation that you’ll be able to carry on with in your day to day 
– You’ll be benefiting from the sound healing and exquisite food for many weeks and months to come
– You’ll learn all about vegetarian/vegan nutrition from an exquisite chef and entrepreneur Anca

-You’ll experience for the first time Kundalini Fitness and more knowledge based info by an expert in the field of yoga and fitness
– You will discover how these practices combined together are an exclusive recipe to shift the energy, regenerate and recalibrate our being 
– You’ll feel energized, feel a deeper sense of self love, and will feel empowered to take on whatever life throws your way
– You’ll be inspired to use food as medicine as you go on through life and will see food as major important component to healing

During our 4 days together, we will encourage you to step into the vastness of the heart and all that it has been through up to that moment. We will explore the connection between the emotions that impact our heart and their impact on our entire nervous system, so that we can understand the interconnectedness between the two and how they can support us reach our highest potential through healing and recalibration. 

To set the foundation in the beginning of the retreat, we will work on a somatic level with Kundalini Yoga techniques, supported by specific practices of Yin and Hatha Yoga, in order to open the body, release emotional clutter and residue from our cells and reset our nervous system entirely. We will allow the purifying sound and the high frequencies of the Gong to continue the process of releasing, cleansing and healing.

The frequencies of the Gong Baths that are scheduled late in the evening create a profound experience as sound plays a major role throughout this four-day journey. It will support and complete our meditations to help us let go of the stagnant and stuck aspects of our subconscious mind, allowing for a full recovery and regeneration of our nervous system. The support of the Acupuncture sessions (2 individual sessions based on an initial consultation) will provide the proper support for your body to process things and speed up the healing. The Mandalas of Light will provide the key that will beautifully link all these practices together.

We are delighted to share with you this truly unique experience in a spiritual and beautifully restored location – the 600 years old Transylvanian Saxon village of Cincsor. 

“Journey to Inner and Outer Harmony” is a curated and holistic experience designed to help you reconnect with your inner self, balance and wellbeing.


Thursday, 29th of February – Conscious Exploration and the Present Moment
Friday, 1st of March – Shifting the Perspective & Deconstructing
Saturday, 2nd of March – Recalibration and Integration
Sunday 3rd of March – Farewell Blessing

Please know that there will be personal time for relaxation and integration of the practice and that all sessions are taught in both Romanian and English.
This is an all-inclusive retreat. Further details and program will be available upon reservation. Places are limited to 16 participants.

Special Mentions

We know that you are unique and know that one size doesn’t fit all. Upon registration, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions regarding food allergies, so that we can best prepare your experience during the retreat.
For the Mandalas of Light process, each participant will be asked to provide their birth date upon reservation so that the Mandalas can be generated accordingly. 

Level of Practice: This retreat is open for all levels of practice, however it is not recommended for children and teenagers are welcome starting the age of 17 years old.


Ana Popescu – International Kundalini Yoga Teacher level 1 and 2, Sound Healer Gong Master, Kundalini Medicine Therapist, Hatha Yoga, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan healing facilitator, breathwork, meditation, Mindfulness trainer, founder of Pawan Yoga & Sound Healing.

“My commitment and guidance is to build a bridge from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. My dedication is to share what I have learned for your betterment and for the betterment of humanity as a whole.”

Iulia Liv Shanti – Kundalini Yoga Teacher level 1, Hatha& Vinyasa Yoga, Sound Healing Gong Master, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, founder of Cosmic Studio 

“For the love of life – In the profound tapestry of existence, my purpose unfolds as a radiant advocate for the beauty of life. I am devoted to disseminating not just peace and tranquility, but a profound understanding of one’s soul. My singular focus is to encourage people to embrace a harmonious existence marked by peace, compassion, strength and joy by aligning with their soul. My motto “You owe it to yourself to be yourself” by Yogi B”

Anca – Doctor, Expert Vegan/Vegetarian Chef and owner Seed Cuisine, Bucharest

My story begins with six years of intense studies at the University of Medicine in Iași, where I gained solid knowledge and a passion for healthcare. I chose to dedicate over a decade to sales in the medical industry, thereby contributing to the healthcare system and accumulating valuable experience.

However, a transformative moment occurred during the maternity period, a time that afforded me the luxury to reflect on the direction in which I wanted to channel my energies and passions. Observing many mothers around me with children having various allergies and parents concerned about a cleaner diet for their little ones, I felt that I could contribute more meaningfully to the culinary world. With a longstanding vegetarian diet and a love for experimenting with various ingredient combinations, I began sharing the dishes I created with friends and family. Their appreciations inspired me to delve deeper into the world of plant-based ingredients and vegan cooking techniques. Wishing to bring a positive change to the lives of those around me, I decided to follow my passion and learn more about vegan cuisine. Enthusiastically, I took cooking and vegan chef courses, acquiring knowledge and skills that opened the door to a new adventure – Seed, my vegan or plant-based restaurant.

For me, a vegan lifestyle is not just a dietary choice but a series of conscious actions towards nature. This includes not only healthy and delicious food choices but also genuine care for animals, plants, and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Thus, Seed was born, a place where passion for vegan cuisine meets a philosophy of conscious living. In every dish offered, you’ll find not only savory flavors but also a story of care for health, the environment, and, of course, the joy of savoring delicious and nutritious food.

The food I like to teach people to cook it’s an advocacy for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, as every taste and every action contributes to creating a community that joyfully embraces the beauty of a vegan life. 

Accommodation & Food

This retreat is hosted in the beautiful and historical Transylvanian countryside in the saxon village called Cincsor. The Fortified Church in the village has been founded in 1421 together with the former Parish House and School. These places are energetically and spiritually charged. You will be staying for 3 nights in a completely refurbished luxury room inside the former School, Parish House or stables. 
All the yoga sessions will be in the designated yoga space indoors.

Food is a magical experience at Cincsor. It is an all-inclusive retreat, carefully chosen food and cooked with care and consideration for people and nature, farm to table. If you have any allergies, please let us know. We offer healthy meals 2 times a day, breakfast and dinner, and one tea/snack break in the late afternoon.


Please note that transport is not included in the price, we can recommend the best route to reach the location.

Arrival & Departure time

You are welcome at 15:00 on Thursday the 29th of February. The retreat ends on Sunday, the 3rd of March at 12:00, after practice and breakfast.


Book by clicking on the buttons below and secure your spot. Availability for double and single rooms. Places are limited to 14 participants.

We offer the option of reserving your spot by paying 50% of the total amount of 800Eur, the second part of the remaining payment is due February 15.

Book and reserve your spot by paying 50% advance payment out of the total amount of 800Eur. Please note that the 50% advance payment is non refundable.

1 person in a shared double room 50% advance payment 400 Eur

*full amount for 1 person in a shared double room is 800 EUR, 4 days All Inclusive Retreat Transylvania Retreat

*please note all rooms have different design, we will offer the rooms based upon the timing of your reservation and not in advance

1 person in a single room 50% advance payment 525 EUR

*full amount for 1 person in a single room 1050 EUR, 4 days All Inclusive Retreat Transylvania Retreat 29th of February-3rd of March

*please note that we have available only for 2 single rooms