Pawan Retreats are a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, learn and cultivate your abilities, relax and rejoice. Unclench & unwind in a creative way, in unique environments.

Pawan creates and designs special retreats on various topics, offering unique experiences. The ultimate goal: deepening your knowledge about yoga and more, while rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul. Every detail is handpicked to ignite authentic physical & emotional changes – from the national or international location chosen, to the specific program as we are focused on personal and professional growth, elevation, and awareness.


10th of November – 13th of November

Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath Retreat Experience

The Mind & Heart Resonance

Activate your Intuition and  Cultivate the Meditative Space 

We’re thrilled to welcome you for a special autumn retreat in our home country Romania, hosted by a unique location – an over 600 years old historic Transylvanian ensemble. .

The special theme of this retreat is the Mind-Heart resonance. You will be deeply connecting with yourself and diving into your practice while spending 4 days in a serene Transylvanian Saxon village, sleeping in the former Parish House and School.

The focus of this retreat is oriented towards the exploration and discovery of your inner connection, mind – heart resonance, train your intuition and develop the ability to acces the meditative space for balance and healing, through kundalini yoga powerful practices, mantras, meditations and gong baths.

When the duality between the heart and mind takes place we experience a lot of confusion, worry, anxiety, lack of energy, panic attacks, stress & the feeling of longing to belong.

On the other side, when heart and mind are in alignment, we have the power of clarity, the feeling of contentment and peace. From this space we can create our desired reality. The transformational practices of kundalini yoga taught to you in this retreat, guide you through this process and offer the tools for you to achieve this elevated state of being.

“As humans we have the chance to walk this path of life consciously, casting the light of consciousness into the realm of our shadows. We are born to be one but we can lack verticality and so live in duality. Adding the games of the mind and we are lost in hypnosis. On this journey of life we go through many changes, some changes which happen to us, and other changes that we seem to instigate.” The transformational practices of kundalini yoga guide us through the times of change acting beyond duality and inner never ending stories, bringing clarity, a feeling of contentment and peace.

The transformational practices of kundalini yoga guide us through the times of change acting beyond duality and inner never ending stories, bringing clarity, a feeling of contentment and peace. Gong frequencies late in the evening bring a deep experience as the sound plays an extremely important role in these four days. It will support our practice and complete the meditations for releasing the stagnant aspects in the subconscious mind and rejuvenating the nervous system.

Giving yourself the time and space to explore where you are in your life, cleanse the subconscious mind, deconstruct duality, develop the power of deep listening, uplift your frequency and activate your intuition is a wonderful way to develop an authentic relationship with yourself.

Dive into the curated experience-based immersion exploring the heart and mind alignment, aimed to give you a boost of self awareness and inner confidence. These 4 days will bring you nourishment, uplifting you and create a deeper connection with your authentic self.

We are delighted to share with you four days of practice and experience in a truly unique, spiritual and beautifully restored location – the 600 years old Transylvanian Saxon village of Cincsor. 


You will be guided through the program with early morning practice (Sadhana), Kundalini Yoga sessions, meditations, and evening gong baths. 2 practices per day and extended gong baths in the evening. The sessions are taught both in Romanian and English.

Thursday 10 November – Exploring the Mind

Friday 11 November – Heart Frequency

Saturday 12 November – The Space of non-differentiation

Sunday 13 November – Intuition and Guidance

Details and detailed schedule are available after booking the place in the retreat.

Level of Practice: This retreat is open for all levels of practice, however it is not recommended for children and teenagers are welcome starting the age of 17 years old.


Ana Popescu – International Kundalini Yoga Teacher level 1 and 2, Sound Healer Gong Master, Kundalini Medicine Therapist, Hatha Yoga, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan healing facilitator, breathwork, meditation, Mindfulness trainer, founder of Pawan Yoga & Sound Healing,

“My commitment and guidance is to build a bridge from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. My dedication is to share what I have learned for your betterment and for the betterment of humanity as a whole.”

Accommodation & Food

This retreat is hosted on a beautiful historical ensemble in the Transylvanian countryside at Cincsor saxon village. The Fortified Church in Cincsor first mentioned in 1421 together with the former Parish House and School form an absolutely unique and important historical and spiritual ground. You will be staying for 3 nights in a completely refurbished luxury room inside the former School, Parish House or stables. 

All the yoga sessions will either be shared in the designated yoga space indoors on the estate or outside when the weather allows it.

Food is a magical experience at Cincsor. It is an all inclusive retreat, carefully chosen food and cooked with care and consideration for people and nature, farm to table. For any allergies please do let us know.

We offer healthy meals 2 times a day, breakfast and dinner, and one tea/coffee break.

Arrival & Departure time

You are welcome at 12:00 on Thursday the 10th of November.

We start the program on Thursday at 14:00 with a small gathering enjoying tea and traditional snacks. The retreat ends on Sunday 12:00 after practice and breakfast.



– personal guidance by Ana, experienced kundalini teacher and gong master

– whether you are an expert or just a beginner, you can join on the level that suits to you. Ana will take care that everyone gets the experience that fits.

– communication and teaching yoga is both in English and Romanian

– hosted on  a unique Transylvanian Saxon historical ensemble – an architectural jewel with spacious rooms and Transylvanian Renaissance frescoes that were discovered upon restoration and which are now opened for public and guests.

– relax in this rural, natural scenery

– enjoy delicious organic food

– recharge and learn about yourself

– reconnect with your heart and train your mind