Pawan Retreats are a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, learn and cultivate your abilities, relax and rejoice. Unclench & unwind in a creative way, in unique environments.

Pawan creates and designs special retreats on various topics, offering unique experiences. The ultimate goal: deepening your knowledge about yoga and more, while rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul. Every detail is handpicked to ignite authentic physical & emotional changes – from the national or international location chosen, to the specific program as we are focused on personal and professional growth, elevation, and awareness.


30 of June- 3rd of July

Yoga, Sound Therapy & Vedic Astrology

Authentic Relationships, Karma & Self-love

-Tapping into recognising, deconstructing & healing – 

This summer we are enjoying a wonderful retreat with Erica and Ana, June 30th -July 3rd 2022, a unique, rejuvenating and relaxing experience, meant to bring transformation and balance in our lives on all levels.

The first All-Inclusive retreat, in the summer of 2022, is an experience and a wonderful chance to return to ourselves, to an authentic relationship with ourselves in order to create a healthy, solid and harmonious relationships with everything and everyone in our environment.

Whether we are considering working on interpersonal relationships, business plans, health, or finding yourself, we will explore important topics for four days, with a major impact on our past, present, and future. Our journey is supported by Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra & Chanting, Yin Yoga, Nidra Yoga, various styles of meditation, Sound Healing and Vedic Astrology, to recognise, deconstruct, realign and reflect on our relationships and future projects.

Vedic astrology is present in our journey, meant to bring more knowledge, completion and offer new perspectives. We invited with us, Liana Olariu, teacher, mother and expert in Vedic astrology. Liana is a wonderful human whom we learn a lot from, and surprises us every time with her authentic and kind way of sharing her passion, the Vedic astrology, supporting the journey and the human evolution.

Sound plays an extremely important role in these four days, it will support our practice and complete the meditations for releasing the stagnant aspects in the subconscious mind and rejuvenating of the nervous system.

Frequencies, gong, in Gong Baths late in the evening bring a deep experience, along with special techniques for visualization, manifestation and completing the daily diary. The Moon is an important element that we mention in our practice, as it is intense in the chosen data, energy supports our experience.

We are delighted to share with you four days of practice and experience in a beautiful private location, the village of Gherdeal, of Saxon origin.

The location offers us the opportunity to practice outdoors outdoors but also indoors in a practice room. All inclusive retreat, carefully chosen food and cooked with care and consideration for people and nature, farm to table.

We become aware, gain balance, self-love, rejuvenate the body and embrace this journey thus stepping further with wisdom and grace.
This retreat is our form of appreciation and sharing following personal experiences and successes in recent years.

What is it about in our retreat?

From the first years of life we ​​learn about relationships and the world we came in, by imitation, having great confidence in those around us. Nonverbal communication is the first form of communication we use and precep.

As we get older, we place new paradigms, beliefs, and habits on top of our essence, and these can block us from relating authentically to ourselves or the world around us.
During the four days of practice we will reach through the proposed practices on aspects and the impact that communication has on each of us, we will analyze the different types of relationships and relationships that influence us negatively or positively and we will approach new perspectives to restore balance. Four days to discover some essential aspects that need more attention for our well-being and evolution. With this retreat we can begin or continue our process of self-knowledge through relationships on three levels, personal, social and spiritual.

Techniques and practices: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra & Chanting, Yin Yoga, Nidra Yoga, various styles of meditation, Gong Bath Sound Healing and Vedic Astrology.


During these days, through physical practices, meditation, sound therapy and essential information from Vedic astrology that will help us to observe aspects of the past, present and future of the story of our lives. After the retreat / practice: by observing the reality we live and how we perceive and interact with it; daily journaling ritual, a chanting practice and a meditation for 40 days.

Your own monitoring through journaling and post-retreat meditation will help you recalibrate the situation and integrate and improve the transformation, approach and manifestation in daily life.

This monitoring / journaling program will take place daily after the end of the retreat, during which time you will have the task of writing certain aspects of your life, reactions to various events, emotions, thoughts. You will receive the materials for this monitoring after the retreat.

Where do we meet?

Private location with pool, 4 **** rooms and beautiful garden – “La Tei” , Beautiful private location, the village of Gherdeal, of Saxon origin.

All food and meals are natural, farm to table. Each meal is cooked with care and consideration for the participants and the environment. Meals, snacks and drinks are included, so All Included.

All Inclusive Retreat Costs:

Early Bird pricing available until the 31st of May.

The advance is non-refundable and after May 31 the payment is made in full.

The cost per participant includes:

  • three daily practices and the Vedic astrology session
  • 3 nights in the 4 * private location
  • 2 main daily meals including snacks in between practices.
  • the location has a yoga room, a swimming pool and a beautiful garden, for relaxation but also for practice.


Thursday 30 June Stage 1 – Recognize & Deconstruct

Relationship with yourself

Friday, July 1 Stage 2 – Deconstruct & Karma

Relationships: others & environment

Saturday 2 July Stage 3 – Impact & Self-love

Love & Relationships

Sunday, July 3 Stage 4 – Self-love & Healing

Commitment & Action

Details and detailed schedule are available after booking the place in the retreat.

If you want to participate, you can reserve your spot by contacting us. Let’s begin the journey!

Teachers Ana & Erica:

Our goal is to share our experience over the years and contribute through our mission for your betterment and humanity’s evolution.
I have worked, created and taught with Erica, retreats and workshops for the last 4 years, having great experiences.
Erica Nagy is the founder of Yoga Academy Romania and Djadja Yoga, a wonderful yoga teacher, with a life story that she has made her life’s mission to guide students to development and become yoga teachers.
Join us for an experience that will bring you the change and transformation you are seeking for. We are honoured to be your guides,
Ana & Erica