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Private Sessions

Book an online private session & start working with a dedicated mentor who can guide you towards inner peace and take you from confusion to clarity in all aspects of your life. If your focus is as bad as your crow pose, it’s time to get your mojo back with a specific plan tailored to your needs.



1-on-1 Session with Ana

Yoga & Meditation Talk


If you want to cultivate a spiritual and physical practice, break toxic patterns and stay committed to your goals, book a private session with Ana.


It all starts with a consultation where the focus is on discovering the needs and aspirations of the student, in order to find the best solutions.


Ana will highlight a plan tailored to your needs, set a timeline and the needed techniques and programs for achieving it. The session includes an in-depth discussion on your topics of interest.


Ana’s the mentor you’d wish you had sooner. Trust the process and the personal development toolkit she provides, and you’ll learn new tips, tricks, and ways to come out on top.


Duration: 90min

Online or in a location.

Available by appointment only.




Private Mentoring Session & Yoga Class


Common connection and genuine interest are the keys to a successful mentorship. And that’s what you get if you enroll in a Private Mentoring Sessions & Yoga Class with Ana.


Best for: advanced yoga practitioners or yoga teachers who are looking to perfect their skills and reach a specific goal. Having the constant support of a dedicated mentor will allow you to stay true to your dreams and show up for yourself, no matter the hardships you might face.


With the help of your teacher, you’ll identify further steps and outline an action plan that you can follow on your own. The timeline is usually of 2-3 months in which you’ll have to stick to the written practice schedule and guidelines while having monthly online check-ins with Ana.


Duration: 75min

Online or in a location.

Available by appointment only.




Breathing Techniques & Sound Healing Private Class


These infinitely healing sessions will soothe you inside out. Your entire nervous system is rejuvenated & nourished through sound & frequency. The mind is free from turmoil. And the channels throughout your body are opened by the breathing and warm-up exercises.


During a gong healing session, the teacher works with various musical and sound instruments, including the gong, to create a wonderfully relaxing environment.



Duration: 60min

In location only.

Available by appointment only.




Mentorship Program


The online mentorship program is designed for advanced practitioners or yoga teachers. When asking yourself “do I need a mentor?”, remember that mentorship is a two-way street.


Ana is committed to guiding you towards your goals, while genuinely stimulating your professional and personal growth.


She’s currently cooking up new mentorship programs. Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to work with a mentor that can become your number one cheerleader and trusted advisor. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletters to find out more.






Corporate Yoga


Want your team to get along better? How about increased collective focus, better results, and a good overall vibe and environment? Offer your employees a different kind of experience with our corporate yoga programs.


Set up a prior consultation with Ana and let’s work out the nitty-gritty together to make sure the program will best suit your team’s needs.