One-Day Spring Retreat

One-Day Spring Retreat – Conscious Journey into the Senses

Reawakening the Courage to Heal, Regenerate & Recalibrate

Sunday 2nd of April

With winter being over, we often have the sensation that our nervous system is overloaded, that our senses are almost numb and stagnant. We may experience a deep feeling of overwhelm, our perception becomes distorted, we lack clarity, presence and ease. The attachment towards repetitive inner stories and thought patterns may generate a lot of subconscious residual energy, they leave us feeling trapped and even convince us we are victims of our so-called reality. When we no longer feel ourselves, when we have stopped listening or find ourselves unable to, when we feel estranged in and from our bodies, the feeling of isolation grows deeper, we seem to be at odds with life and let ourselves be defined by patterns, blockages and reactivity. 

However, when we tap into the courage to come back to our bodies, to connect and experience life through the richness of our senses, to be present with the guidance they provide, we can be truly reborn. Reconnecting to our nervous system opens the door to feeling revitalized in all aspects of our being, to liberation, profound cellular detoxification, regeneration and, to the extent to which we allow it, a state of bliss. 

Join us on SUN-day, the 2nd of April

As Spring makes its joyful comeback, we then invite you to let yourselves be guided by the wisdom of nature and its rhythms and cycles, to put behind all the heavy clothes, the conditioning,  the conflicts, the default settings and the self-oblivion. Let’s all tap into the courage within and reconnect to ourselves, our senses, our body, our nervous system, our mind and our heart. Let’s cultivate this new-found trust in ourselves and our endless healing resources. Let us truly deeply know that courage is indeed needed when walking the path of healing. 

We will dive into an immersive experience which brings together the powerful practice of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Sat Nam Rasayan, Kundalini Yoga, mantras, meditations and Gong Baths. We will explore awareness by directly working with and stimulating our senses, we will flow, we will detoxify and we will make space in our bodies and systems. 

The Practice:

It is a complete experience specifically made for you to benefit from everything that makes a complete practice. We will work with sequences that open and balance body and mind, by harmoniously bringing together the Yoga principle of dynamic and static. We will begin with breathing exercises and Vinyasa flows, which will help energize the body in order to reach the rhythmic connection between breathe and movement, we will move into heart opening Asanas and meditations and finally we will slow down and go within through gentler practices such as Yin Yoga. 

The deeply transformational techniques of Kundalini Yoga are meant to efficiently guide us through moments of change, acting beyond duality and mental clutter, they bring clarity, a feeling of contentment, joy and peace. We will also be exploring the powerful healing method of Sat Nam Rasayan, an ancient healing art and contemplative practice, in whose neutral space the projective meditative mind allows the flow without any resistance. 

The Integration: 

The Sound of the Gong and Tibetan Bowls Gong Bath and Sound Healing will help us integrate the meditations and support us through the new journey unfolding ahead of us. The Gong Sound unleashes restorative ripples upon the nervous system, working on the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps cleanse the subconscious mind, slows down the waves of the mind, releases and erases our fears with ease and neutralizes the ego, leaving us feel  deep relaxation and rejuvenation, balanced and refined energy.

We fully support you in taking this step and meet yourself with courage and love in this immersive experience that we have created for you to grow into your power and abilities of self-awareness, and self-confidence and access your infinite resources of healing and recalibration. All is possible, all is well. 

Teachers – Ana & Erica. 

Where: @ Hotel Caro, Strada Barbu Văcărescu, 164Bucharest, 020285 Romania

Program: 10:30-13:30 Practices ; 13:30-15:00 Lunch ; 15:00-18:00 Practices.

Water, Tea and Coffee included. Lunch is not included but it is available at the location, you can enjoy food at your own preference at Hotel Caro Restaurant.

All levels open, beginner-friendly, no stress needed 🙂

Limited spots. Bookings and reservations: