pawan world yoga in the studio

In the Studio

Connection is the key


Try the unique experience of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Bath Sound Healing, or Special Pawan Event in a studio location. We often organize live events in various locations. The ideal practice space for yoga needs to cultivate the vibe of an urban sanctuary. To become a place where busy people can unwind and take a break.

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Breathe. Meditate. Recharge.


Gong sound baths and musical instruments are a very important part of our in Location-Only Yoga Classes. They hold the key to deep relaxation and help you immerse into an experience like no other. The vibration and transformational sound of our symphonic gong is often played to deepen meditation and to soothe, restore and rejuvenate the nervous system.


All classes are taught both in Romanian and English.







What is a Sound Healing Gong Bath?


We’re surrounded by sound and live in a world of noise. It sometimes drives us. Other times, it just drives us mad. But very few people have ever experienced the true healing power of the sound. Even before we are born, we’re influenced by the sounds our mother’s experience, thus making sound on our first connection with the outside world. No wonder the sound, as well as the vibration it creates, has such a huge impact on our physical and emotional being.


The Gong sound unleashes restorative ripples upon the nervous system, working on the parasympathetic nervous system. The instant benefit of a gong bath: deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Balanced and refined energy.



Our symphonic Gong works on all levels and frequencies. It encourages physical vibrancy since our body is made up of 70% water. More goodies: the Gong Bath helps cleanse the subconscious mind, slows down the waves of the mind, releases and erases your fears with ease, and melts your ego, staying true to the words of Yogi Bhajan: “Your ego is not your amigo”.




What should I prepare for class?


Clothes – stay comfy! Maybe you came back directly from the office, that works fine. During a gong bath session, you’ll sit in a meditative or even a corpse pose, laying down. For most of us, a gong bath class feels like a long deep nap.



Who can attend a Gong Bath?


Classes are open for all people in need of a healthy dose of relaxation and stress relief. Beginners are welcome! No knowledge or experience is required since gong baths are a form of meditation accessible to everyone.




Fancy some long-distance healing?


If you’d like to attend a session from a distance, you can choose one of our recorded gongs bath programs: Gong Bath Awareness, Acceptance & Self-Reflection.


More news: we’re currently working on making it possible to join us from your own home through a live stream option through Vimeo or YouTube. Stay tuned! Check our schedule and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.