Vedic Astrology Predictions May 2022

Dear yogis, wishing you a beautiful spring! This May, as we reach the full moon and eclipse peak, may you dive in meditation, reflection and support your daily practice. The stars have spoken and Liana shared the gift, the dedic astrology predictions for the month of May.

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Aries ascendent

They begin the month by starting to achieve their goals , they must keep their ego in check and make sure they are not being too egocentric in their goals and desires . Asking for help is also possible , specially from someone who holds authority like a boss or teacher.They might also show interest in cooking and learning new recepies.

In their relationships , they could have some arguments with friends or even co-workers , but they will also meet new people in this month. They could also feel they don’t resonate with people around them much.

They will travel to see their family, or speak more to their family members , specially family of origin. Their spouse (if married) could travel this month, or even the native could travel due to his/her job. If they have children, they might have some expenses regarding them this month.

At work , friction with co-workers is possible , their stress level could increase because of time limits not being respected, like projects not finished in time.

Natives might feel inclined to self reflect . Their interest in philosophy, or even psychology might rise, also trying to learn about healthy food and fitness. They might want to change their appearances, or buy something new changing their clothing style , also redecorating their home.

Taurus Ascedent

Health might be a worry this native have, also their father health could also trouble their minds. Their mother might also be under a lot of stress due to work .

Expenses might increase in property matter.

At work , arguments with boss or authority as teachers and such could also be a problem, but due to their well managing of words they can easily defuse a situation . As a result of their well manage, their income could increase, due to a raise or even the spouse or partner could get a raise and help them in need. They will be very hard working this month, also they will gain more responsability at work

Their friends are there for them, and will provide council , native could even take a trip with friends group. If they are single, they could meet someone new thru their circle of friends.

To the middle-end of the month, their energy will raise, they will be more confident and outgoing , as the season of Taurus is here .

If they are in a relationship or married, their partner will need advice regarding their career , more then , they will want to make some sort of plan for future , they might also need to make a big purchase and/or take a trip abroad.

Gemini Ascendent

For this native their circle of friends might be shaken up a bit, and they might have some arguments with their friends. During this next hole year, they will make more friends in foreign places then their birth place .

In school and learning, they might face some misunderstandings with teachers, due to this it might make them disagree with their teachers at times. Learning , which is their focus currently will make them lose some energy but will give them good results.

On their career and work , they might get ideas and insights into their future plans. They are very focused on counseling others , and they gain popularity due to their words. If person is spiritual this will double increase in popularity due to Jupiter in Pisces. Native is emotionally well balanced .In their studies, they might be inclined to learn a different topic then their normal study pursuit. By the end of the month, they will get a very good opportunity at work .

They might get a pet. Also, if they are in a relationship they will be more outgoing with their partner and other friends. Make sure just to not put too many expectation on spouse or partner as their need to plan in family matters for gemini natives will increase .

They will feel lack of energy in communication this month but they will speak to elevate others .

Cancer Ascendent

At work , they might have some difficulty with boss or authority figure. Also , they will gain more responsability at work putting a lot of pressure on them , making them work longer hours. Natives are very passionate about their work future but they also experience a lot of ups and downs relating career this month.

Their finances might fluctuate at this time.

In their friends group they do have a good communication, and very reliable friends.

They will focus their time in study , but this result might come at the end of the year for natives, they might find the best teacher for them in this period . They will also put in practice much of what they learn making them consolidate their learning even better.

In their relationship, their partner could have some opportunity in work place, but their relationship could face ups and downs due to lack of time and work schedule .

Leo Ascendent

Because of Rahu and Sun transit in their 9th house, native will experience some arguments with teachers and even their father, defending their own knowledge . They might also experience a lack of need for communication ,and will be more introspective. They could become more expressive only with dear people , with their emotions and past, making them ask deep questions about life.

Because of Saturn transit in 7th house , they could experience some arguments with spouse or partner, specially due to expenses.

At work , native has a good month, they will have good communication with superiors, and good guidance. If they have kids, they could experience some expenses with them , also some minor arguments, leading to an up and down month relating their relationship this month.

They could also get an inheritance.

If native is not married , they might decide to make a relationship more solid or get in a more serious relationship.

Work place might deploy them of energy , so self care is adviced.

Virgo Ascendent

These natives will have many ups and downs this hole year, but it will transform their way of thinking, this month tho , will bring some unexpected things to solve they never saw coming, these native will easily over come it as Jupiter protects them as aspect to first house, their ascendent.

In their career they might face minor obstacles that they will overcome.

Native is adviced to be careful with their health.

In their relationship these natives are very blessed, their relationship is good and well balanced. Their spouse could spoil them with gifts and affection. They could also seek guidance from spouse. They will spend quality time with their family. At the end of the month, or close to it, their spouse could spend some money on insurance or tax related matters.

As Jupiter aspects their first house, what obstacles comes, native will overcome easy, during this year, a partner, spouse or teacher could help them (even the father) .

Libra Ascedent

In this next period , Ketu is in their first house, making them more loners. In their relationship could cause some friction and arguments with partner. If not in a relationship they might desire to be in a relationship and might even be an opportunity for it, but since this is Rahu in their 7th house or partner, caution is adviced .

In their family they might hear the news of a new baby joining their family, or if married they might desire one them selves. In their relation with kids, if they have any, they might have some minor arguments, children might make these native to pay more attention to them this period.

They might not be very talkative this month, and require more solitude then other times. They might seek guidance but feel hesitant to ask .

Their health is also something these native should take good care of.

As work is concern , these native will have much luck in that area, they will have an easy time at work and might even earn more money. The relation with co-workers by the end of the month could be a bit more difficult due to minor arguments.

Scorpio Ascendent

These natives should take good care of their health.

At the beginning of the month they might feel like they have to face many obstacles at work , but slowly will over come those problems, thru discipline and routine. They will feel more responsability in their career .

In their family life, native might have some arguments with their mother, or mothers health could be problematic. With their kids, if any, they will have a very good relationship and will see a lot of luck for their children , and them as well.If they are married, they will get good advice from their spouse, if not, that guidance will come from a teacher.

This period for scorpios will make them slowly learn and understand their own deep emotions, and slowly discipline a healthy work/family life balance.In their learnings, they will do very good, and find a very good teacher who will guide them well. Also they will see many people from their past coming back , or many old emotions resurface. They have a lot of power in learning, but they might also feel more irascible this month.

They will seek guidance in friends and will receive support from them.Will have good communication with them.

Sagittarius Ascendent

In this month, they might have some issues with kids if they have any, minor arguments with them. In their home, they will have a very good environment, and their relationship with mother and wife (if male) will be very harmonious . They might feel called to buy something new for home.

With their friends they might also have some arguments, could also feel more disconnected from friends from various reasons , major one could be work.Also , in their relationship with sibling and/or neighbours could also see some arguments arise.

They might feel inclined to start studying something new, after a few months could also improve their career. In work, they will have much luck and gain popularity. They could also travel. Also, in work life in the next months they might search for a job close to home, or work from home. Their finances will be very good this month.

They will want to learn how to communicate better, and could study this .

Minor health problems could arise, specially acnee.

Capricorn Ascendent

They might have some arguments in their home ,specially at the beginning of month, but will slowly calm down, could even argue with mother, or spouse. Natives feel more emotional then usual . With children , they will have a very good communication, also a very good and supportive relationship from siblings, or spouse, with both, native will also have a very good communication. With home and car, there could be unexpected expenses , in fixing or remodeling .

They will become very curios and introspective of their own emotions and past. They could also travel to their home town.

In their work place, a lot of unexpected problems could arise, could make them wonder if they should change jobs.

Their income could also be fluctuating , but will push them to save some money. They will be more observant of their words and will try to be more careful when speaking, money related issues will also make this natives more cautious.

Aquarius Ascendent

Their time to shine, as Saturn will come in their first house for a few months. Will bring them more responsability over their own life, but when it goes retrograde they might see some good results.

Still, with Mars present there at the beginning of the month , they might feel more irascible, specially while communicating with people at work. As their finances is concern , they will have more luck there, and could gain a raise, but it will also come with responsability and hard work.

In family , they might have arguments with siblings and a lot of unexpected problems coming from siblings and miscommunication with them. But will have some support from mother, and will have a good communication with her. They will share beautiful words with others. With partner they will have a good relationship in general, even tho at the end of the month might arise some arguments, specially about discipline these natives might try to convince thier spouse or partner to participate in.

In their study, they might feel unmotivated and could have problems concentrating.

In their health they should be cautious, specially with overindulgence in food.

Pisces Ascendent

They might begin the month, by having some arguments in their family , specially with father.

Also , ups and downs in income, a lot of unexpected expenses around family could arise. Their partner could have a decrease in income, making them more financially responsible. They will have a good relationship with partner, siblings and kids, and will communicate well with them.

They will have a very lucky year, and will be more incline to study, this will improve their career . More incline to save money. They will have a very good year and month in their career, even tho their income will fluctuate , it will improve as time pass.

They might want to change their appearances and buy new items of clothing. Also some of their friends could relocate and leave the home town.

With their health they should take care.

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker