Vedic Astrology – Part Two

Predictions for the month of April 2022 (using vedic astrology) – Part Two

Libra Ascendent:

Relationships are a big topic for these natives, but they will face many ups and downs in this area in these coming months. Native could feel isolated or might need to spend more time alone. Relationship with mother could be problematic at the beginning of the month, but will increase by the end. Some arguments in home, and family life could also arise. Friendship are good and will provide good luck. At the beginning of the month native will have much focus on kids if they have any or students if they are teachers.Worry about kids could also arise. Restrictions around home life or home could also come up. Those that are singles could also meet someone new.

At the end of the month natives that have children could face some arguments with them , or students for teachers. Friends could also bring some stress in their minds. Long term relationship could face some power struggles, or even the general public could bring power struggles for natives.

Learning is very good for these native this month.

Work life can be chaotic at the beginning at the month but slowly will improve and a general luck and harmony will begin. Also , restrictions around career and work related matters also are possible. As month ends, native will have a shift around work area, a lucky period after the first half. Misunderstandings in communications could also come up.

Finances are very good, and will increase as weeks pass by. Luck in work and finances will arise at the end of the month.

Sudden health problems could arise, and natives parents could also face some health problems. Skin related issues could arise, minor cuts.

Scorpio Ascendent:

Traveling with care, specially on short distance travel.

Arguments with smaller siblings, cousins or neighbours , teachers could also arise. Friends how ever, will help the native a lot during this month. Home life is peaceful at the beginning, and relationship with family is generally good, slowly by the end of the month some minor arguments could show up with family. As the month end, more arguments could show up in natives family, specially with mother, or an elder female relative. Children if native has any will be very lucky in this period. A new child could be born in natives family . In their partnership, they will face some minor arguments with spouse .

At the beginning of the month native could feel restricted in school matters, but will shift by the end of the month. Focus on leaning is also something big in natives life. Learning will be very good as the month progresses, and native will find an older teacher that might help the native learn more. Communication and misunderstandings sadly also are common in this period.

At work , the month begins in a positive tone, but slowly lots of changes in work place begin to happen. Native might think to change job. Finances are average this month.

Health problems could arise, some unexpected , some with family members as well.

Over all native will have a lucky period, donating toys or books could bring luck to native.

Sagittarius Ascendent:

Finances are a bit problematic for native.

Work is on the average at the beginning of the month , but will rise in popularity to the middle of the month.

Family , specially birth family needs lots of help from these natives, and they have a lot of responsibility around home. Communicating with family helps the native a lot, specially consulting with its mother.Minor arguments with smaller siblings could also come up, or neighbours. But home life is generally harmonious. Friends circle could face some problems, a shift in natives circle of friends could also happen.Some friendship could end in natives circle. Unexpected problems around kids if native has any, or students if native is a teacher could also happen. General relationship and spouse related are generally good. If native is single could also meet someone new, or begin a new work partnership.

Short trips are beneficial at the beginning of the month, but at the end of the month native could face some troubles in traveling or car related issues.

Health is good this month.

Capricorn Ascendent:

Health is a problem for this native for a while now, and has had many ups and downs for the past few years now. Health will remain same , but will slowly improve at the end of the month.

Relationships have also been problematic and will continue to the beginning of the month , many arguments with significant other or general public.My the middle of the month relationship will increase and slowly become more harmonious. Relation with siblings , smaller siblings is very good and they get good advice from them, or cousins . In home , lots of unexpected things could arise , mothers health could also become problematic. Minor arguments could also arise in home. Luck comes from friends.

Career also takes a shift, even tho work area looks good in the beginning, native could face problems in career and could change job or even career all together. Financial responsibility is on the rise on the end of the month specially in family matters.

Short travel are beneficial for natives. Learning is also good for native and very beneficial, academically native is excelling . Traveling would also be something on natives mind .

Aquarius Ascendent:

Native begins month in a very lucky way, with harmonious relationship specially partnerships. Advising with family will be beneficial for native. If native has kids , will have harmony in the relationship. As month progresses , minor arguments with spouse could arise and will increase as month progresses. If native has a younger siblings , could see some major change in their life, also problems from neighbour could arise. Native could communicate more with its mother.

Health could be a bit problematic and could show up more as the month progresses.

At work the month starts with work arguments around peers , lots of pressure and stress for native comes from work at the beginning at the month. As month progresses, life at work also becomes much better and luck from work starts to arrive, could also get a raise.

Native is financially responsible for family income and could put lots of pressure. Financially will increase as the month progresses. Could buy something significant.

Traveling could also bring some troubles and obstacles.

If native is a student , the month begins with troubles from teachers and stress in school matter. But it’s very good at learning and focusing in school.

Over all, native might need more time alone.

Pisces Ascendent:

Good relationship with partner, takes good advice from spouse . Spouse could change something in income, or could change job . Some trouble with in-laws could arise .If single, some natives could meet someone new. Focus on family matters. Harmonious home environment The month begins with a few minor arguments with own children or students, but slowly as month progresses there will be more harmony .At the end of the month , natives family could face some problems .

In finances there are a lot of ups and downs, could think about a new source of income, and learning a new skill. Speculative income is not good this month for native . Also at the end of the month finances will start to fluctuate .

Work like is average. Native could even consider starting something new, around import-export . In work place, native could face minor arguments with peers.

Health starts as good at the beginning, but slowly could face some minor problems , stomach area.

Natives luck will increase as month progresses . And will become more poplar as time passes.

Traveling in long distance could bring obstacles, or even immigration problems. But traveling to spiritual or religious places could turn beneficial.

Liana Olariu

Astrolog Vedic si Aspirant Jyotish