Vedic Astrology – Part One

Vedic astrology is a beautiful world, one of a kind.

I got to know Liana Olariu about 6 months ago. Liana is a wonderful human

who delighted and inspired me with her authentic way of sharing and

studying her passion, the Vedic Astrology. She is a teacher, mother and

expert in the Vedic Astrology. Liana shares with us the astral predictions for

April, as a gift.


Predictions for the month of April 2022 (using vedic astrology) – Part One

Aries Ascendent:

At the beginning of the week, this native could face some challenges in work area, could face some power struggles with authorities. Much careful with accidents, specially for those who work as drivers or around heavy machineries. Health is a topic at the first part of the month, and should be careful around bone related matters.

In relationships this native could face some challenges, if in a long committed relationship, if not, could be separated by partner by some work related stuff. In friendship native will face more luck and could even plan parties or social events around friends. If native has children would be advised to avoid arguing, of if native has an older brother. At the end of the month, native should see some arguing in his group of friends, could also be involved.

As finances are at matter , this native could have a good month but would be advice to think careful about big spendings. Males in this ascendent , could have a spouse that could make a big purchase this month.

Spiritually this person is very good, and might even start a new routine .Some Aries could change job this month , or change position at current job. Discipline at work could help this native advance faster. Speculative income should be avoided this month . Also traveling to childhood home.

Aries could be inclined to change their looks, and will be motivated to work on their new ideas.

Taurus Ascendent :

At the beginning of the month , work place looks very good for this native, and could also get a raise or somehow their finances will rise (spouse could also get a raise) .In middle of month native should pay more attention to documents or receipts that could be important for their work place. As end of the month comes, native will see some changes start to happen at work, changes in authorities and some quarrels at work place are also possible, native would be advised to keep distance of this.

Financial luck could come from an older brother or husband.

As traveling, native should be careful at the begin of the month while driving on short trips, some costs around car could also arise. On long distance trips, for a period of time this. natives could face some obstacles.

If native is at university, specially in first part of month should be advised to not argue with teachers as this problems could arise as well.

Relationships have been interesting for this natives, its possible some could have came out of relationships these past few months, focusing on spiritual or religious path for this period of time could be beneficial and could even meet someone new.

Health looks pretty good for them , eating habits could change and they should pay attention to stomach area, fathers health however could be in question.

Gemini Ascendent:

In the beginning of the month, this native could face some trouble from the in-law or some major changes to them, arguing with them should be avoided if possible. Spouse of this native might have some financial problems or work related. Also , relationship with own family could be problematic. Relationship over all are positive , specially spouse or long term relationships, could even plan a trip with partner. In friends circle , native should be careful for double faced people that might arise in their life.

Those with kids or who want kids might face some problems concieving , and those who have children might get some minor troubles around them , specially small health problems.

It’s a lucky period for this native specially after first few days of the month, and could spend some money on religious or spiritual objects. From the middle and end of month, native might be inclined to travel to home land/town. Traveling to spiritual places this month will bring luck to these native.

Health looks very good for this native this month.

Finances could drop a bit at the beginning but will be good overall , native might be inclined to save some money . Their career will be on the rise at the middle at the month, these native will have arise in their popularity and will get a raise, because financially will rise as well.

If at school , by the end of the month native, could face some trouble around teachers, arguing with them should be avoided.

Cancer Ascendent:

Financially they are in a good place, but expenses specially material expenses are also on the rise. The partner could make an important change in their finances.

At the beginning at the month health can be problematic, specially for those with chronic illnesses. At the middle and end of the month , native health could improve and will be very lucky.

Their relationships have been put to the test for a while now and its possible that things are still in a grey area. Problems in their relationship, specially marriages or long term could face many problems, lots of arguing. Some could even decide to leave a relationship. Even by the end of the month, relationships even tho not so intense will still bring lots of ups and downs.

Trouble with or around in-laws could arise at the end of the month.

As work related, these native could make a major change, even change career paths completely . Planning around work will also bring much benefits to these natives.

They could even start to plan or wish a relocation, or change of home. Plans to travel will also arise.

They start a very lucky period at the middle of the month. Traveling to spiritual/religious places will bring luck to these natives.

Leo Ascendent:

Around travel , native should pay attention to short distance travel, and car problems. Traveling long distance could also bring a few obstacles. They desire to travel and also to learn something new , they may even apply to a new school.They will pay attention to their speech and will speak to elevate others this month.

At work, some arguments between colleagues could arise.

Health is something these native should pay the most attention, as it has been slowly decreasing. Discipline and routine around health and food matters would bring beneficial times. Maternal uncle or aunt could also face some health problems. At the end of the month native should pay close attention to health matters.

Financially they might have to pay some tax or bill to an authority. Money is average for these natives this month. If an inheritance is expected, would face some delay.

In their relationships, even tho they will face some problems, they will be popular with the general public. If single they could even meet someone new at the beginning of the month.If in a long term relationship, they might face some arguments and disturbance in their life. Major arguments with business partners also could arise, more responsibilities and limitation will begin from the end of the month.

Their in-laws could bring some luck in their life or their spouse income could increase.

Virgo Ascendent:

Finances could decrease , some major changes could happen in that area, spouse could change jobs and make some shift in finances as well. Tax related issues could come up at the end of the month, or bills and costs given to an authority.

Birth family could also face some problems.

Health could be problematic this month, specially around neck area, or eyes. Bone related issues also might arise.

Relationship are very good. Native will face a rise in popularity. In kids related matters, native will face some problems. Also if native is a teacher could face problems with its students. Arguments with friends could also arise, but will harmonize by the end of the month. Those who are single could also find a new partner. New friendship could arise too.

A new child could be born in the family or native it self could have a new baby.

Work environment is good at the beginning. Could hear some gossip from colleagues at work . Also arguments around work mates could also arise, native it self could argue with them as well.

Native enter a major luck period , that luck comes from others and could help native with its issues. Spouse would also bring luck to native and will help much. Luck comes to native even more if its shared help, and native him/herself helps others in return.

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