Summer Stars June & July – Vedic Astrology

In June, Saturn will go retrograde, Jupiter will change nakshatras while remaining in the Aries sign, and we will also experience both a full moon and a new moon. Let’s take each event and see what it will bring in our collective. 

June 3rd – Full Moon in Scorpio 

Moon Scorpio sign is considered weakened bringing more emotional turmoil in our lives. Scorpio is a sign associated with intensity, depth, secrecy, and transformation. When the Moon is in Scorpio, it can bring about intense emotions, a desire for privacy, and a tendency to delve into the depths of one’s emotions and subconscious. However, the Moon’s nurturing and soothing qualities may be affected or restricted in Scorpio.

Let’s sum it up to see how this will influence: 

  • Triggering period for those with suppressed emotions, or more karmical emotional left unprocessed
  • karmic relationship with mother or other female family members 
  • Opportunity for introspection, healing, transformation
  • Could trigger some anxiety about safety 
  • More anger, would be wise to pick one’s battles 
  • Transformation from own insecurities 
  • Heavy rains around the world, floods 
  • Hearing or actively participating into arguments or scandals 

June 17th – New Moon in Gemini 

This position can stimulate a lot of mental curiosity, even wanting to learn new things or just communicate with others about what we already know. Being a new moon will weaken the Moon, making the communication a bit more egocentric or even pedantic. 

  • Good for assessing new mental pursuits
  • Emotional fluctuation 
  • Good for basic communication not negotiation 
  • Good day for planning but not taking direct action
  • Arguments with mother
  • Anxiety about safety

June 17th – Saturn retrograde 

This is a period of time where Saturn will get more powerful, being into his mooltrikon sign and retrograde. Also, some old karmas could resurface, might even close some karmical circles. 

  • Good time to turn inwards, introspection with our past actions 
  • Depending on Saturn position in our chart/ rulership over houses/ aspects, some parts of our lives will go under review 
  • Slowing down to see what needs to transform, also if we are aligned with our dharma 
  • Past karma resurface
  • A more faster result of our karma

June 21st – Jupiter enters Bharani nakshatra 

Jupiter is still in Aries sign, but it will change its nakshatra and its focus for the remaining of the year. Lets see what does that mean:  

  • A more intense desire to do good
  • Problem with feet or legs 
  • Food addictions, or entertainment addiction
  • Anxiety and ocd
  • Good for retreats, meditation and yoga 
  • Blooming period for existing business
  • Learning to let go to what is no longer necessary 

Astrological events for the month of July  

Step into a remarkable month where celestial occurrences unveil their subtle allure. While it may not boast a plethora of astrological events like its predecessors, a profound moment awaits: a momentous Mars transit in Leo, poised to leave an indelible mark on countless souls. Brace yourself, for the cosmos has orchestrated a captivating spectacle destined to shape lives and ignite the flames of transformation.

July 1st – Mars in Leo 

Prepare to witness a celestial symphony that harmonizes the assertive energies of Mars with the fierce and charismatic spirit of Leo, birthing a potent fusion that holds the potential to ignite bold endeavors and invigorate the very essence of your being. Embrace the transformative power of this remarkable alignment and discover the depths of your inner strength as Mars sets Leo ablaze with its fiery presence. A few things we can see around us with this transit:

  • More attention to the body, fitness and diet may improve
  • Desire to be in the spotlight, wants attention 
  • Desire to lead 
  • Helping the family
  • Desire to be combative and win in all situations 
  • Meeting people in high positions 
  • Time spend with family
  • More attention on fashion and ones appearances 

July 3rd – Full Moon

Under the cosmic influence of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, a powerful invitation emerges. It beckons you to break free from the confines of the ordinary and wholeheartedly embrace the limitless opportunities that await. This celestial alignment serves as your guiding light, leading you on a quest for truth, reigniting your adventurous spirit, and unlocking the untapped potential that resides deep within you.Now lets see a few of it’s manifestations:

  • This full moon has Mercury in combust, making communication a bit difficult and restrictive 
  • Becoming more introspective in order to see the bigger picture 
  • Select the information that you are receiving 
  • Having a small victory
  • Feeling fearless
  • Feeling either calm or very nervous (depending on each karma)
  • Being more optimistic about our lives
  • Looking to improve certain aspects of life
  • Traveling to places where there is water 
  • Focus on family 

July 17th -New Moon 

The approaching New Moon heralds a phase of intensified emotions, offering a potent opportunity for self-reflection and growth. While this surge of emotional intensity may at times manifest as anger, it serves as a catalyst to illuminate aspects misaligned with our soul’s journey. Moreover, it serves as a revealing guide, pinpointing our triggers and vulnerable areas. By embracing these emotional waves, we gain valuable insights into areas that require attention and healing. Let this New Moon be a transformative guide, leading us towards alignment with our true path and empowering us to strengthen our resilience.Now lets see what can we expect:

  • For some emotions will dominate while for others their ego will speak louder 
  • Good day to manifest clarity 
  • Following one’s goals against all odds 
  • New innovations in technology 
  • Desire to create something new
  • New diets
  • Protect something
  • Becoming or deciding to become a parent
  • Environmental movements
  • Speak to improve others
  • Desire to be around others, in a community 

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker