September, #forthelove of stars

Vedic Astrology References

This month unveils a fascinating interplay between karmic influences and the drive to forge ahead and construct fresh endeavors. This dynamic polarity could potentially create moments of tension, underscoring the importance of maintaining a composed and attentive mindset. Adding to this cosmic dance, Jupiter will align with the ongoing collection of retrograde planets in the celestial expanse, signifying another pivotal karmic juncture in our journey. Meanwhile, Mercury is set to conclude its retrograde motion and transition into direct movement, heralding positive news, particularly for entrepreneurs seeking greater clarity and progress in their ventures.

August 31st – Full Moon  in Aquarius (Satabisha)

In Vedic astrology, a significant celestial event is approaching: the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st, which will coincide with Saturn. This unique alignment combines the intuitive lunar energies with the structured influence of Saturn, promising profound lessons and transformation. As we gaze at this cosmic union, we’re invited to explore the balance between innovation and responsibility, navigating challenges with resilience. This conjunction holds the potential for self-discovery and harmonious growth, as we decipher the interplay of these celestial forces and their impact on our journey.

  • This full moon is in close conjunction with Saturn
  • Good day for public speakers, a bit more difficult for one on one conversations 
  • Anxiety about what others think
  • Get an answer or ask a question they’ve been having for a long time 
  • Time reflecting in solitude
  • Finding a secret
  • Increase intuition 
  • Finding a cure, healing 

September 4th – Jupiter goes retrograde

The upcoming retrograde of Jupiter will contribute to the ongoing collection of retrograde planets in the celestial canvas, joining Mercury and Saturn, and in Western astrology, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as well. This retrograde phase will extend until December 31st, prompting profound introspection into our belief systems, inner aspirations, and their alignment with our greater well-being. This backward movement of Jupiter will occur within the context of Aries, an assertive and fiery zodiac sign, potentially lending an air of frustration to Jupiter’s influence. It’s advisable to engage in thoughtful self-inquiry before reaching decisions during this period.

  • Most affected signs are Leo, Sagittarius and Aries 
  • Reshape our goals and objectives
  • Getting lost money back
  • We must become more cautious with our spendings and money 

September 14th – New Moon  

This new moon will be in Leo, Uttara Phalguni, making the power of the Sun more intense on this day. With the aspects of both Jupiter and Saturn, this will bring mixed results in our lives, making the result fully dependent on our karma so far. Let;s see some general things we can expect this day:

  • This is aspected by Jupiter and Saturn( a minor aspect) 
  • Remembering our inner goals that we set aside or forgotten
  • Helping others would bring good karma
  • Sharing what we know or making donations also bring good karma

September 16th – Mercury goes direct 

A pivotal moment is on the horizon in the realm of astrological currents: Mercury, the swift and communicative planet, is preparing to end its retrograde journey and resume direct motion. This celestial shift holds the promise of clarity dawning upon the landscape of communication, travel, and thought processes. As Mercury readies itself to move forward once again, the cosmic tides of miscommunication and technological glitches begin to recede. This transition heralds a time to untangle misunderstandings, make informed decisions, and propel stalled plans forward. With Mercury’s direct motion, the celestial pathways open anew, inviting us to stride with renewed confidence as the cosmic airways clear and the channels of expression flow unobstructed.

September 29th- Full Moon in Pisces

This forthcoming full moon heralds a compelling urge within us to delve deeper into self-awareness, prompting introspective queries about our intentions and endeavors on the global stage. The presence of this lunar phenomenon in the Saturn-ruled Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra might infuse a sense of seriousness and a preference for solitude on this day. Nevertheless, this juncture offers an exceptional opportunity for enriching our knowledge and insight. Simultaneously, it serves as a moment of release, allowing us to shed outdated notions that have proven unfruitful and to formulate fresh strategies for the path ahead.

  • A full moon that is all about letting go of our old beliefs systems and karma
  • Gaining more wisdom
  • Letting go of some habits that limits our potential in the future 
  • Staying focused and disciplined in all distractions would bring good karma 

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker