Predictions Vedic Astrology June 2022

Dear yogis, the stars have spoken and Liana shared the gift, the dedic astrology predictions for the month of June.

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At the beginning of the month, this native has a driven desire to achieve their goals to a certain “urgency” and does feel impatient. They might also be more curious to learn to cook or learn new recipes, they might even change or improve their eating habits, they might also change their appearances.

In  relationships if they are single, desire to be in a relationship might grow. For the ones that are in one, they might be more problematic than usual. As far as friends are concerned , this summer they might meet and gain new friends , they already have been doing so since April. Their sibling (if any) might decide to immigrate to another country. As families are concerned, these natives will interact more at the end of the month, their marital relationship might be less problematic at the end of the month.

Their income and money are very good, and will continue to rise this month. Also , in their work they are very happy and motivated. If their chart supports it, they might get an inheritance.

Health is overall good but is prone to accidents.

Inclined to travel to home or improve home, they might also make a trip at the end of the month.

This full moon in Sagittarius on 14th , might make them decide to learn something new in an academic way. If they are in school, they will have a lot of success in exams and school related matters.

Overall, they will be more agitated and argumentative than usual, but diven to their goals and very well focused, a minor alert would be in their taking chances too spontaneous.


They start the month more lethargic and lazy, even though they are very popular and loved by their friends, they are less inclined to leave the home nest. A more….netflix and chill type of vibe 🙂

Their relationship with family is very good, especially siblings who they will have a very good communication with this month.

In their work environment these natives are not so lucky, they might have minor arguments with colleagues and not much help from their superiors, their income also fluctuate and are medium this month.Also , their responsibility at work will grow specially these months (until the end of July), a change in authority is also possible.

In their love relationship they have a good connection and more luck, might even make plans to travel with a partner. Those who are single might meet someone through their network circle. If they are in a committed relationship, their partner might have to travel abroad unexpectedly.

This full moon in Sagittarius might push them to make a decision financially , and might even have to step up and help the family through their finances.

As the month ends, their energy level might grow and might be more socially active. Careful to partner as he/she is prone to accidents. And also , their responsibility for family in a financial way will also grow.


They begin the month lethargic and not very energetic, atypical for these natives. Could be  more inclined to spend time alone.

Their finances are very good and will rise all thru month if not months, they are even lucky in their speculative income.

Since April, these natives have observed some challenges in their study life, especially if they have some high education courses. Because of that, they will be inclined to do more research on their own, unlocking their pending karma (Ketu transit 5th). They might not be satisfied with the information given to them.

In their work life, especially with peers, they might see some troubles, as arguments with them might increase (until July) . They might not travel much either , and if they do , they will work. In their career they will see a rise as well, especially those who have their own business, or they could gain authority , popularity and more income if not all, then some.

In their romantic life, all is good, their partner and them share a good connection and less arguments, their partner career might also improve and they could gain a new better position (more authority for partner).

Their health is good , but fathers’ health could be problematic.

This full moon in Sagittarius, will bring them in the public eye, and will gain popularity, if not them and the chart doesn’t support it, their spouse could gain this popularity.

These natives have a new moon in their sign as well , at the end of the month on the 29th, one where they will either see the fruits of their work or will have to shift their energy and make new decisions deciding their life/work.


They begin the month very optimistic, even though their income does fluctuate a lot lately, but will improve in time.

Their family life might not be ideal, and could have some arguments at home, especially with mother. They might also want to improve their home or refurnish.

In their friends group they do have a good communication, and very reliable friends.

Even though their romantic life might  not be ideal, their partner will have more income, and relationships with in-laws might also be difficult. Their friends are very supportive and caring.

In school related matters they are very lucky. Their health might decline a little.

They could be inclined to save more money or change jobs. Their focus on learning is somehow connected to their career. In a way, they are more focused on Dharma and purpose/path in life career wise.

The full moon in Sagittarius , will make them decide something regarding health, might even decide to learn something about improving health.

As the month ends they will feel less energetic, they might also have to spend more money than usual.


This month for Leo natives is all about work and income. They are already on the financial rise and could gain more authority at work, they will be recognized by their efforts.

They could still have some trouble with siblings or neighbors.

Their time spent at home  is less and less, as they work more and more.

As far as love matters, their partner could become a bit more problematic and they will have more arguments, or the partner could suffer a decrease in health.

Natives have a good health life but could be more prone to accidents, or problems with cars (minor).

They might decide to learn something new.

Full moon in Sagittarius could push these natives to make some decisions around children, or their social circle, or romantic life over all.

The month ends as it begins for them , on a rise as income and career is concerned.


They begin the month very optimistic, and full of ideas for their study life, which is their focus this month. Dharma is also something that troubles their mind and their path career wise.

Their income could fluctuate and could have more unexpected expenses, or even they could spend more than usual.

In their family, they could be a bit more distant from them , but very close with their spouse and kids. Regarding a partner, they will gain more income and will have an overall good relationship with him/her, also the partner could gain some unexpected money from its own family.

Their health could also be something these natives should watch out for, especially dental problems.

The full moon in Sagittarius, could bring some decisions to be made related to home/work, relocation ideas, house improvement or career shift.

As month ends, the pressure of career will be more heavy on their shoulders and will have to either rip the fruits of it or redirect a career. There is a theme or learning/ work sacrifice.


For Libras, Ketu will stay in their 1st house until next year, that would push them to work through their fears and insecurities. But, they will work hard to achieve their goals and research a lot. Still they will become more domestic, and less socially active, they will not enjoy the spotlight this year.

As far as love is concerned, they desire a relationship and might even get some opportunities from someone foreighn to their cultural background. If they are in a relationship , they will observe the partner being more selfish and individualistic, but focus on gaining more money. Still, arguments with partners would be more often. Native or their family might want to bring a new baby into the family, they might try to have a baby or have a close family member who could have a new baby.

Their health could not be at its best, and it would be advised to be more careful at work as they could be more prone to accidents.

Their health is also something these native should take good care of.

This full moon in Sagittarius, could bring their siblings or even a neighbor to ask for their advice in some matter, the native itself could plan or think of a relocation or move.

At the end, they could travel and have some expenses in that area, also some ups and downs as its venus crosses the 8th house. But travel is in this month for them or some unexpected gains of money.


They start the month in  a positive tone, and they either had a baby or have been very focused on kids. If they are teachers, they could have been very focused on teaching and will be for the rest of the year.

As far as home is involved, there is a dissatisfaction with either home or location, could even think or start planning to move. Relationship with mother could not be very good or mother could have problems in her health.

If they are in a relationship either they or the partner could have some health problems, and they should be careful with their health as many unexpected health minor problems could continuously bug them. The partner could gain more money or these natives could find a new business partner or romantic partner through their work.

This full moon in Sagittarius will bring some decisions around money and family, and will check on family money with partners to make a decision.

In their work as the month ends they will have more arguments with peers/ colleagues. They might also discover new secrets with help from their partner or a close friend.


They are very blessed this year to have Jupiter in Pisces , so these natives have a very good and positive outlook to the world.

They could have some trouble from siblings or neighbors, and might have minor arguments with them, their courage could have diminished.
Their relationship at home is very good, and they feel very happy, also they could have some gains from their mother. Some could buy or improve a car or a house.  If they have a relationship , their partner would have to work more and will not be very much home. As friends are concerned they could have lost some friends, or they left their own circle in search of new friends.  If they have children their arguments with them could increase at the end of the month. Or if not, they could have to take a serious decision concerning their relationships.

At work they might have some ego clashes with authority figures like bosses.

This full moon happens in their 1st house, and will and will put pressure on the way they pay their karma to their world, might also push them to take a new path in their life. They should also watch their health as the first house represents the body.

They should watch their health at the end of the month, specially their eating habits.


These natives are very focused on their finances, and could be more inclined to eat cold type food as their food habits could change until July.

As far as health is concerned, they should watch out for dental problems and acne, but overall their health is in good shape. As the month ends, their health could be problematic but not in a major way.

They feel more brave, and will make more decisions around their career and finances. Some could even think of immigrating and relocating. They might not be very happy in their workplace or their career.

In their family life, if they have kids they will have good communication with them, and could also hear good news from their kids. These natives could be more domestic these months and stay more home. As the month ends, they could have more arguments at home or with mother or another female in the family.

This full moon is in their 12th house, so they could have a decision to make about living abroad, spirituality, or even learn they have enemies, could even learn about their temptation. Donating money could ease this full moon for these natives.


These natives will have Saturn in their first house until July, and that might put some obstacles in their path overall. Also, their health could not be very good, and could have some dental problems.

Their courage, career and relationship will be impacted these 2 months, and they would have to observe their fears and limitations. They might also feel they don’t get the support from others and their partner as usual due to their circumstances.
They could also have some arguments with siblings. As the month ends, the arguments with siblings could increase. If they have kids, they might hear some news from them at the end of the month that needs their advice.

They will also think about buying or making their house more beautiful, they might enjoy cooking more at the end of the month and learn new recipes.

As far as finances, these are in good shape, and will increase due to them taking more responsibility at work, wanted or unwanted. Also their birth family will give their support.

This full moon happens in their 11th house, making a decision around friends and social circle, or even their gains, they could even think of making an investment, could even hear news of a major gain, if their chart supports it.


These natives have Jupiter in their first house until the end of the month, making them extra lucky.

As far as finances, they might need to make more decisions and increase their income, they might be financially responsible for their family as well.

If singles, they could find a relationship through school, or someone living in their neighborhood, if they have a relationship, their partner might decide to learn something. Their partner could even suggest a relocation.

As health is concerned they should be careful of the flu and common colds.

In their family life as month ends, they will see more arguments around family members and this will bring some stress for them. They might make a short trip with their partner or could start a new relationship. Also, the decision about their residence will put more pressure on them, or could also think of getting a new car.

This full moon will be in their 10th house, and will bring a decision about their social life, career path, foreign relocation, fame and success and could even bring them some form of success. Their mother could gain some form of recognition, or natives in their own country or town.

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker 

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