Hello October & hello stars!

Liana, our wonderful Vedic astrolger, has written down a few of the important things the stars have prepared for us, as well as some recommendations. 

Enjoy yogis!


  • 1.10 – Mercury goes direct
  • 10.10 – Full Moon in Pisces 
  • 23.10 – Saturn goes direct 
  • 25.10 – New moon in Libra + Solar Eclipse 

MERCURY goes direct 1st of October

  • Meaning it stops being retrograde in the first day of the month
  • Mercury will stay in the sign of Virgo almost the entire month 
  • Good period for business, creative writing and expression, arts and craft, hobbies 

Full Moon In Pisces 10th of October

  • This full moon will be in Pisces, Revati nakshatra 
  • Could bring something lost, depending on the house it represents in individual charts
  • This nakshatra is connected to pets, so during this full moon keeping a closer eye for ones pets 
  • Good period for yoga and meditation 
  • Pisces in vedic astrology is the sign of writers, so making a journal or just writing one future plans could bring value 

Saturn goes direct 23rd of October

  • It stops being retrograde in 23rd of the month
  • Will continue to be in capricorn till the end of the year , after it will move to Aquarius 
  • Saturn deals with ones karma, meaning it will make people more responsible in the house of capricorn (ex : for Aries lagna, capricorn is the 10th house, house of work and recognition )  
  • Saturn is a slow moving planet but a sure planet, those who worked hard this past few years will get good results 

New Moon in Libra and Solar eclipse 25th of October

  • Eclipses in vedic astrology represent endings of karmic cycles, and is not advised to start new project on eclipses, as they will end quick and face many obstacles 
  • Eclipses happens because of the nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu which are not complete, therefor wishing for us to not complete things as well 
  • This eclipse is aspected by Saturn making it more intense, could feel more fearful for no apparent reason, anxious , mindfulness and meditation is advised 
  • This is in Libra so spending time with friends and family it will balance the mind and heart, because its the sign of contradictory 
  • Libra is an air sign, meaning is vata, bringing lots of thoughts and mental activity for us, spending time with close ones and speaking about those ideas could help us balance 
  • This eclipse and new moon is very good for yoga and meditation, because is in swati nakshatra
  • Swati is the representation of mastering all religion also philosophy  

Dive into meditation, practice & take time for yourself!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker