Hello November & hello stars!

Liana, our wonderful Vedic astrolger, has written down a few of the important things the stars have prepared for us, as well as some recommendations. 

Enjoy yogis!

November Major Events:

  • Mars is retrograde
  • 08.11 – Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries 
  • 23.11 – New Moon in Scorpio
  • 23.11 Jupiter goes direct 

Mars goes retrograde

  • It will be retrograde this entire month
  • Good time to catch up with undone work
  • It moves from gemini to taurus at the end of month, focusing from writing and conversation, to fixed action and desire to achieve something
  • Focus on beauty and change in appearances 
  • Desire to “win” 
  • Good time for physical activities and sport competitions 

8th of November Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Aries 

  • Count the illusion of your desires
  • Creative moon, the “birth” of a new idea of project
  • Finding a secret, or keeping one
  • Good time for meditation and retreat
  • Good for business ideas
  • Detox , focus on health 
  • Good time for hair treatments or hair changes 
  • Fast ideas, good for exams 

Jupiter goes direct 

  • Jupiter is in Pisces so it will amplify the “spiritual” side of each
  • Will return luck to water signs ( cancer, scorpio and pisces)
  • Good time for retreats, meditation , yoga or any pilgrimage
  • It will show good results in the house where pisces is situated 

23rd of November New Moon in Scorpio

  • Gaining wisdom in some area of your life 
  • Hope, a new spark of light 
  • Gaining new friends or spending time with friends , getting help or helping friends leads to dharma
  • If scorpio is in house 6, 8 or 12 , native could get upset on a friend 
  • Finding a team, or working with others in a collective 
  • Imigration or desire to leave the current place and plan to move in a different country 
  • Scorpio is a very intense zodiac sign, it has a desire to evolve spiritually at all costs, meditation is advised or yoga 

Dive into meditation, practice & take time for yourself!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker