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Special Session: Intuition, Healing and Prosperity

Special Kundalini & Sat Nam Rasayan Session: Intuition, Healing and Prosperity

Wednesday 24Mai – Time 19:30-21:00 (CET )Live & Replay available

Join Ana for a wonderful special session right before we jump into the summer vibe. This particular practice is focused on clearing out blockages, opening and cleansing the body, releasing stagnated energy, training and activating the intuition, followed by a healing and prosperity practice meditation.

*All sessions involve physical exercise, meditation and relaxation. Attend from anywhere in the world, and if you can’t be with us during the live zoom class you will receive 10 days access to the workshop recording.

Level of practice: beginners are welcome.

Bright spring in & out yogis!

Price: 21.00 

Sold Out

Pawan Events

Pawan Workshops, Masterclasses, or Special Events are mind & body-bending experiences created around a juicy variety of self-development topics, available online or in specific locations.

If you’re interested in broadening your horizon with new breathing techniques, meditations, nutrition, sound healing and yoga styles, don’t miss our one-of-a-kind events.

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We believe that every person has their own unique path. We honor that.

We’re committed to being your guide in the continuum of self-expansion, awareness and finding your inner light. We’re focused on creating the right space, rhythm, and ways to fine tune your physical & emotional growth, on and off the mat.

Truth is our Identity - Sat Nam

Curious about how we blend movement and meditation? You’re welcomed to take a virtual peek into the studio for a class and discover how yoga can serve your needs!

Laura Andronescu
Business Development Manager

Ana's classes are always a joy, an eye opener and an invitation to perseverance and building resilience. Especially the kundalini class!
The way she explains and guides participants through the assanas and krias and how she connects with the entire group makes you feel energized for the whole week! I only wish my schedule would fit all her classes!

Boroka Biro

Although I miss the physical yoga classes with Ana at the studio, the online ones definitely have the advantage of having the first row experience, it feels almost like a private class with the support of the little smiley rectangles of the other students and the benefit of being able to rewatch and redo the practice. I love the community which has formed and now it is without borders and distance.

The amazing benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is not THE way but A way

  • Balance and rejuvenate the nervous system - hello, better response to life circumstances & jitter-free energy boost!
  • Building a sustainable discipline for your body’s mobility and flexibility to which you can return whenever you feel the need
  • Techniques that guide you on the path of awareness and integrate new perspectives
  • Reactivate and honour your empathic nature
  • Learn to listen and trust the messages you receive from your body and your intuition, thus releasing unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • Find a renewed sense of energy and awareness, connecting the heart to your life’s highest purpose
  • Break free from self-sabotage and shift patterns - yes, please!
  • Tune your mind to better focus and intuitive clarity
  • Regenerate, restore and nourish your body, mind and spirit
  • A strong foundation for self-exploration
  • Breathing awareness techniques, for vitality and stamina

About Kundalini Yoga

The History | The Roots | The Inspiration

The promise of Kundalini Yoga: you’ll become more conscious about who you really are, and you’ll align with your source.
Kundalini Yoga is an all-in-one technique that unites all the other yogic teachings, physical exercises, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation in each practice.
The ultimate goal: bringing you closer to or even merging (aka “yoking”) with the universal Self. Kundalini is an ancient practice dating back to the fifth century BC, described in the Upanishads. The oral tradition of its sacred science, goes even further, thousands of years back when the practice was passed on verbally from master to chosen disciple. The Kundalini practice produces wow-worthy before-and-afters effects.

The practice clears the inner duality, creates the power to deeply listen, cultivates the stillness within, and helps the practitioner to prosper bringing excellence in daily life, tap into his unique resources that enable him to lead a better life, overall. The Gong and its soothing vibration, is a very important part of any Kundalini class, completing the practice and calming the nervous system. Yogi Bhajan’s teachings don’t rely on one single technique, but on many, and it’s precisely that combination of kriyas (sequence of exercises) and naad (sound current) that drives you on a personal experience toward a deeper awareness. If performed correctly, each kriya takes you one step closer to creating sustainable personal healing and growth.

Benefits that have stood the test of time
Kundalini Yoga is an ancient tradition that is very applicable to the modern world. Yogi Bhajan developed this system after arriving in the United States, in 1969. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a safe and powerful system that unlocks infinite joy and clarity, that you can always turn to, regardless of what life brings to your doorstep.
Leveling up to reach your full potential and awareness - that’s the main focus of Kundalini Yoga.

Class info & basics

The principle is Poke, Provoke and Elevate

Every class begins with the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This mantra opens the potential to relate to a state of flowing creativity and higher consciousness. Each Kundalini Yoga class is a one-of-a-kind blend of physical asanas, breathwork, mantra, mudra, and deep meditation.

Although the sequence of exercises in each class is different, all the exercises work to align practitioners into a state of harmony. The vibration and transformational sound of our symphonic gong is often played during classes to deepen relaxation and meditation and to restore the nervous system.

Classes end with chanting the mantra Sat Nam used to reaffirm your authentic self. Our recommendation is to wear comfortable, light-colored clothes. At Pawan, we’re as beginner-friendly as we can be: no previous experience in yoga is required for you to experience it and achieve results with your very first class. Ready to dive in?

Pawan Yoga
Pawan Inspiration

Pawan's story begins with Ana, an artist who discovered a brand new life by stepping onto the yogic path and making her life's mission to share this ancient wisdom with the world. She has created Pawan, a sanctuary dedicated to elevating human consciousness and awareness. Pawan is Ana's way of expressing gratitude for her own freedom, story, and transformation.

The name of the concept, Pawan, has a meaning, like all the things that we do. Pawan is the vehicle that carries the Prana, Life Energy; it is what re-vibrates and reconstructs our cells. It is also called wind. Prana is the essence of life, Pawan is wind, air. Our life is based on Pawan, the carrier of prana, the prana shakti - the power of life.