Unique Workshops, Masterclasses or Special Events, created & designed on various topics available both online or in locations.



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Unique Workshops, Masterclasses or Special Events, created & designed on various topics available both online or in locations.

Related to Yoga or blended workshops, nutrition, sound healing, buddhist techniques, meditation, focused on personal and professional growth, elevation and awareness.

Always check the schedule as we surprise our participants with new ideas in a creative fun approach.

Our Belief is that each one of us has a unique way of reaching or looking for the higher self. Together we are creating the space as we speak, as we blink, as we breathe — it is a continuum for self-expansion, awareness and inner light.
Truth is our Identity - Sat Nam

Everyone is welcomed to virtually peek into the studio for a class, experience the approach and see how yoga can serve you.

Beatrice Cord
Entrepreneur, Founder Father Consulting

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for quite some time from New York to Bali all the way to Berlin and Bucharest. Even if I was lucky to practice with wonderful teachers who taught me a lot about yoga and techniques, it is rare to find someone at the same level as Ana. She is not just a wonderful teacher who can seemingly guide you through the intense practice of kundalini and through some of the most deep meditations. She is much more. A higher spirit, with intuition, divine light and spiritual understanding she can read a room, even an online zoom room, she can feel a person and what is beyond their declared pains and she always knows how and where to work so that after every single session with her you truly feel reborn. I practiced with Ana for more than a year now and I can say that no one touches the gong just as magically as she can do and no one can transport you on such a higher level she can even during a zoom session.
I hope she will continue to heal us all and support us in uncovering the deepest fears so we can get to the raw power our inner souls have!

Oana Oprea
Group DataProtection,Risk & Compliance Officer- Nepi RockCastle Group

discovered yoga few years ago. I tried other styles as well, and other teachers, but I felt that something was missing. I didn't want just to make my body move, I wanted to nourish my all my being, my mind, my soul. Ana puts her heart in this to build a connection, something that goes beyond words, it just is and you just feel it, she knows when you are tired or full power even from the beginning of the class and adjusts the rhythm for all of us, even in the online sessions, it's like reading our minds.
Each class develops in a different kind of energy and reveals a new Ana! My love and gratitude, Ana!



Bucharest,Romania -

Balancing The Elements & Sound Healing

Experience a truly unique restoring, rejuvenating and balancing workshop. Communication into Balancing The 5 Elements Yoga & Gong Bath Sound Healing

Together we will experience the power of the five elements & the chakras, with an emphasis on the throat chakra. The technology of  Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing Gong Bath, we’ll support our practice and merge into an experience like no other.

The five elements or the tattvas, which we experience as qualities in the body and in all matter, are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These are the same “elements” known to Hermetic science & Chinese medicine.

These five earthly tattvas are qualities of our senses and in the world. These five tattvas engage three types of behaviours or qualities, called “gunas”, that determine the altitude and attitude of your life. Nobody can get rid of the five elements of which he is composed.

All we can do is balance them out and be aware of our projections, facets and power.

The workshop involves writing, yoga movement, sound meditation and relaxation.
Kundalini Yoga All levels open, beginners friendly, no stress needed !

Your guide for this journey: Ana 

Price: 150.00 lei

Bucharest,Romania -

Focus, Mind Control, Meditation & Gong Bath

Enjoy a friendly workshop exploring the mind barriers through body control awareness, active meditations and gong bath vibrations.

A sharp and focused mind leads to the ability to control your life, follow your goals and growth and totally less drama in one’s environment. We’ll start off with a kundalini yoga kriya stretching and understanding how to control the body then jumping into a sound meditation experience.

The workshop involves writing, yoga movement, sound meditation and relaxation.

The practice: Kundalini Yoga All levels open, beginners friendly, no stress needed !

Your guide for this journey: Ana



Yoga is not THE way but A way

  • Techniques that guide you on the path of awareness and integrate a new perspective regarding discipline for your body’s mobility and flexibility
  • The technology of Yoga to regenerate, rejuvenate and nourish your body, mind and spirit
  • A community in which you will be supported and encouraged by highly educated and certified trainers
  • A strong foundation for self-exploration
  • Move through life with more understanding and trust in the messages you receive from your body and your intuition, releasing stress and anxiety
  • Recalibrate your body’s health, improving your alignment in fundamental postures and back pain release
  • Remember how to activate and honour your empathic nature - Find a renewed sense of energy and awareness, connecting the heart to your life’s highest purpose
  • Break free from self-sabotage and shift patterns
  • Tune your mind to better focus and intuitive clarity
  • Breathing Awareness Techniques, for vitality and stamina
  • Balance and rejuvenate the nervous system for a better response to life circumstances
  • Detoxifying the mind and body for a stronger immune system
  • Learn to meditate rather than medicate


Kundalini YOGA is the ultimate YOGA, which reunites all Yogic practices in one.

Self-Awareness is the key word in Kundalini Yoga

The promise of this practice is that you will become more conscious about who you really are, and you will be able to reunite with your source. Kundalini Yoga unites all the yogic techniques, physical exercises, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation in each practice in order to bring you a sense of trueness and ecstasy enabling you to merge or “yoke” the universal Self.

Kundalini is an ancient practice dating back to the fifth century BC, described in the Upanishads, but the oral tradition of its sacred science goes even further with thousands of years back when the practice was to pass it along verbally from master to chosen disciple.

The Kundalini practice clears the inner duality, creates the power to deeply listen, cultivates the inner stillness and helps the practitioner to prosper bringing excellence in our daily life.
The Gong and its vibration are a very important part of the kundalini classes, completes the practice and soothes the nervous system.

Yogi Bhajan’s teachings do not rely on one technique alone, but on many, and is the combination of kriyas (sequence of exercises) and naad (sound current) that drives you on a personal experience toward a deeper awareness.

Each kriya if followed as taught will provide a certain steady progress leveraging the basic functions of the body and mind creating sustainable personal healing and growth.
Yogi Bhajan developed this system after coming to United States in 1969.
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a safe and powerful system to live a greater life of joy and clarity amidst all the pressures of life.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient tradition that is very applicable to the modern world.
The focus of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the potential for full awareness in every individual’s life.

The principle is Poke, Provoke and Elevate.

Kundalini Yoga is a practice which increases physical health and strength, emotional balance, heightens sensory awareness, enhances intuition and creativity.

It leads you to greater peace and fulfilment in your daily activities and offers you a deeper sense of your own spirituality.

Its main purpose is the control of the energy through awareness by combining postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) mantras (word or sound), mudras (body energy looks) music and meditation in order to break patterns, cleanse the subconscious mind, rejuvenate the nervous system, obtain deep relaxation, self-healing and elevation.

Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul.

No previous experience in yoga is required for you to experience it and achieve results with your very first class.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on the glandular system, optical nerve, sciatic nerve, on the spine and the central nervous system.

Pawan Yoga
Class info & basics

Every class begins with the Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. This mantra opens the potential to relate to state of flowing creativity and higher consciousness.

Each class involves the use of physical asana, breath work, mantra, mudra, and deep meditation.

Although the sequence of exercises in each class are different - all the exercises work to align practitioners into a state of harmony.

All classes end with chanting the mantra Sat Nam which is to reaffirm your authentic self.