March, spring & the stars

As we transition from winter to spring, the stars and planets will be shifting in ways that could have a significant impact on all of us. In this forecast, we’ll be taking a closer look at the key astrological events and influences that are likely to shape our lives in the coming month, including a full moon on the 7th, a new moon on the 21st, Saturn changing nakshatra and Mars changing sign to Gemini. Let’s dive in and see what impact this has! 

7th of March – Full Moon 

In this month we will have a very special full moon also called Holi Full Moon and is associated with the Hindu celebration of spring arrival and the triumph over evil, also known as the festival of color. But what makes this Full moon so special? Well, it’s in Leo, the significator of the Atma (soul) and in vedic astrology a full moon is considered an auspicious time. When all of these elements come together, a unique moment is created that allows forgiveness for past transgressions, enjoyment of life, and spiritual growth to manifest in our lives.

The full moon will occur in the Purva Phalguni nakshatra, which is ruled by Venus. This conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will enhance the significance of the full moon, making it an exceptionally auspicious time.

For us, this will bring a clear vision on our goals, it will empower us to chase our dreams, and goals especially if they bring good to others as well.It will also teach us how to use our power in a kind and generous way, rather than a forceful one. Could bring some good “fruits” from our past lives especially if we worked on our dharma and karma so far. Leo is traditionally associated with pride, and during this Full Moon, we may become aware of areas in our lives where we are excessively attached to our own accomplishments and reputation. This astrological event may reveal any tendencies we have towards being overly proud or arrogant, as well as any areas where we are allowing our desires to cloud our judgment. The Full Moon in Leo is an opportunity to gain clarity and perspective on these issues, and to cultivate a healthy balance between self-confidence and humility.

13th of March – Mars in Gemini 

The relationship between Mars and Mercury (lord of the sign gemini) is not a very friendly one, they are actually called “enemy” planets. This can bring some difficult communication skills in the world , more “cutting” words, and anger. Mars will bring a lot of attention to communication, but not so much action, we will see and hear a lot of opinions and people might not be willing to listen as much.

During this time, some of us may find ourselves feeling scattered or unfocused, which could make it challenging to complete tasks and projects. Additionally, since this event is related to Mercury, we may see a significant number of people switching jobs or career paths. However, it’s important to be mindful of any impulsiveness or rash decision-making during this period, as there may be a risk of regretting these changes later on.

This transit could be more difficult for Aries and Scorpios, Gemini and Virgo. 

14th March – Saturn in Satabhisha

On this Day Saturn will change its nakshatra and enter Satabhisha. This is a Rahu base nakshatra and Saturn might feel more comfortable in this particular nakshatra. 

Also this nakshatra is ruled by the deity Varuna (the God of skies and water) and it is possible that the lord of karma might bring some more rain than usual.  

Due to its alignment with Rahu in Aswini and Saturn in Satabhisha, it is possible that we may witness new breakthroughs and advancements in the field of medicine.

For those with their moon in Aquarius and especially this nakshatra, its their peak of sade sati (7,5 years) , bringing unpredictability and transformation due to this nakshatra. Even if it is known as a negative period, it can also bring a lot of opportunities, especially in career. 

As an individual level, Saturn might try to show us where we give too much importance to others opinion (excessively) , and in the same time, it will humble us if we pretend to be “all knowing” .It’s important to keep in mind that any issues that are highlighted during Saturn’s transit through this particular nakshatra are meant to be resolved and healed.

21st March – New Moon  

The upcoming new moon will occur in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune, which gives it a dreamy quality. However, it is important to note that the nakshatra associated with this new moon is Uttara Bhadrapada, which is governed by Saturn and tends to be more grounded and practical, making it challenging to fully embrace this dreamy quality.Even though Saturn is not in conjunction with this Moon, it still shares the same sign, telling us to focus on reality and to keep focus in one direction at the time. 

Another message of this nakshatra is the importance of releasing our attachment to the ego. This event is associated with the concept of surrender, encouraging us to let go of any tendencies towards self-centeredness or self-importance. By embracing the lessons of this nakshatra, we may be able to cultivate a greater sense of humility and compassion towards others, as well as a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker