January 2023 – Welcome the Stars

Happy New Year dear yogis!

This year starts right on with an interesting conjunction between Pluto , Venus and Mercury , this will bring intensity in relationships and communication, even some endings to some of them.

Pluto, even though not much taken in consideration in vedic astrology, surely plays one important role in world astrology, and with that, will enter Capricorn briefly showing us our connection with work and our self commitment to it. Capricorn is also our ability to be in service and Saturn, knows little boundaries when it comes to being in service to others. Pluto, on the other hand, will show us where we lack boundaries. 

Now if we add Venus, the planet of partnership of any kind (marriage, business, even friendship), this will show where we give or take too much from others and last but not least, Mercury will show us how we use our intelligence and words in these relationships, and how well we communicate with others.

With all that being said, kindly pay attention to your relationships at the beginning of this year.

January  major events:

  • 6 January 2023 Full Moon
  • 13.01 Mars move forward 
  • 17.01 Saturn enters Aquarius  
  • 18.01 Mercury goes forward 
  • 21 January 2023 New Moon 

Full moon in Gemini

  • Full Moon in Gemini , Ardra nakshatra 
  • The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury
  • What we know vs . what we need to learn 
  • This full moon will humble us on our knowledge, specially with mercury conjunction, where we might show arrogance on different topics just to be humble down by this Sagittarian Sun 
  • Some will decide to learn something new or even go back and take more classes
  • Also is possible learning new things about religion, or learning about religion
  • Kindly pay attention on the desire of the mind to be in a victimization state of the past 
  • Could indicate storms, or floods around the world in that period (2-3 days +/- ) or water related problems on properties. 

Mars goes forward

  • Mars stops being retrograde on 13th of this month, in Taurus , Rohini nakshatra 
  • This period will increase our desire to move our bodies
  • Courage will increase as well as the desire to be financially secure
  • Improving our skills on making money, learning or working harder 
  • For those who have family(children) , desire to put aside money for children or other family member to secure the future 
  • Saving money or making sure they have  material possessions 

Saturn enters Aquarius (17.01)

  • Drum roll please !!! Yes, Saturn changes its sign after challenging our Capricorn planets /or signs houses in charts 
  • Aquarius is the mooltrikona sign (desired sign) of Saturn, meaning Saturn will be happy,  for some that is good news and for some not so much, depending on each karma 
  • Now let’s explain Aquarius = a Saturn sign, co-ruled by Rahu (according to some vedic astrologers), air sign, fixed in nature, owner of the 11th house, representing our hopes and dreams, unfulfilled desires, large communities and our selflessness , working for community , creating one, new ideas, innovation , change, not wanting to be in charge, doesn’t get recognition for their work most of the times
  • This will shift Saturn’s attention from making us have routine, and perseverance (in isolation because it was in Capricorn) to achieving our goals and desires, or better said, testing us how much we are willing to work to achieve our dreams. 
  • One more thing Saturn likes, is to see us detached from the result , meaning, if you wish to make a cake you should care more about the work you put in then the result, attachment to the result will create resistance in Saturn’s eyes. 
  • Saturn changing sign will change our unfolding of our karma (ex : for an Aries ascendent , capricorn is the 10th house and aquarius is the 11th, meaning it changes from hard working to recognition and promotions , of course this if Aries put in the work in the past couple of years and of course the rest of its chart, signs and other planets )   

Mercury goes forward (18.01) 

  • This doesn’t have much impact as others, but is nice to have all planets forward (except Uranus but that’s a different topic) 
  • Mercury will advance in Sagittarius, bringing positivity and desire to accumulate learning
  • Focus on spiritual practice could be more active after this date  

New Moon in Capricorn  (21.01)

  • This new moon is in conjunction with Pluto and same house (couple of degrees away ) with Venus 
  • This makes this new moon a bit more intense with Pluto influencing 
  • Capricorn as a sign is not supportive of romance and is mostly the sign of material detachment as well as relationship detachment 
  • Also, this new moon is in a nakshatra dominated by the sun, so expect power struggles in relationship or even unwanted “surprise” arguments 
  • Capricorn also represents secrets , so some of us might discover some secrets that might be “shocking” as this is Pluto’s nature. 

Dive into meditation, practice & take time for yourself!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker