Hello December & hello stars!

Liana, our wonderful Vedic astrolger, has written down a few of the important things the stars have prepared for us, as well as some recommendations. Enjoy yogis!

December  major events:

  • 08.12 – Full Moon in Taurus 
  • 23.12 – New Moon in Sagittarius 
  • 30.12- Mercury goes retrograde 

Full Moon In Taurus 08.12

  • This full moon is in conjunction with Mars 
  • This could increase the level of anger in individuals
  • Mars is not very comfortable in Venus signs such as taurus, so Moon will take the lead in this conjunction 
  • Depending where taurus is represented in each charts, the natives could have an argument with the represented house (ex: if in 4th house, an argument with the mother) 
  • Because Mars is retro this whole month, it will bring the theme of the past
  • It is also happening in a nakshatra of searching star, meaning we could find answers to long lasting questions, or even start a new project that includes research 

New Moon in Sagittarius 23.12

  • This new moon is in conjunction with Mercury and Venus 
  • Good conjunction for charming communication, this could also help us grow in popularity 
  • For those natives in the public eye, is good to be more active in this day
  • Good day for yoga and meditation
  • This new moon is in the nakshatra of Mula , bringing to light our past, present and future karmas and helping us deal with it 
  • Good day to reflect which area of our life is being delayed or “stuck” , in the career field 

Mercury goes retrograde 30.12

  • On the 30th of December, Mercury will go retrograde, moving from Capricorn back to Sagittarius 
  • Those who planned trips at the end of the year might face some delays after mercury goes retro 
  • Good period to reflect on past plans we made and never achieved 
  • Increase in intuition during this retrograde 

Dive into meditation, practice & take time for yourself!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker