February stars & love

From February stars with love…

As we move into the month of February, Vedic astrology offers insights into the planetary alignments and their potential effects on our lives. Even tho this month doesn’t come with major astrological events, it does hold a great potential for going within, seeking insights , alternative healing and of course meditation and yoga.

5th of February 

This full moon on the 5th of the month, is probably one of the strongest full moon of the year, as the moon goes in its natural sign, cancer. As cancer is related to home, security, family and emotions, we can expect some thoughts or events happening in that area of life. But keep in mind, not all of us could experience those events or emotions, these transit happens to empty the karmic baggage that we accumulated and so we can work and progress in our spiritual journey.  And if you are experiencing this full moon a bit more intensely, just pay attention to your emotional vulnerability and insecurities, they might teach you about where you involuntarily put your energy . 

If we would dig deeper into this full moon, we would see this is happening in Ashlesha nakshatra, which is no easy nakshatra as it is directly influenced by a deep transformation, and as a result , it’s connected to deep healing. 

From a good perspective, this nakshatra is rooted in mystery and occult, uncovering hidden knowledge or even gaining a new perspective on our mundane lives, on a negative side, it’s connected with deceit and manipulation. 

Overall this full moon holds immense potential for spiritual growth, as well as uncovering secrets about our own lives and how we perceive them. 

20th of February 

On the 20th of the month we will have a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of new beginning and innovative thinking. 

This will bring a new opportunity for us all to use our out of the box thinking and start something truly innovative , or simply just retake old plans and see them in a new light.  Aquarius is also associated with community, giving opportunity to join or start a small community, on a down side , this zodiac sign is known for detachment and isolation also aloofness, one of the biggest karma of this sign, Aquarius, is to choose its side. 

From a nakshatra point of view, this new moon will be in Satabhisha Nakshatra which is also associated with healing just as our previous full moon, meditation , yoga or simply breathing exercise will be truly beneficial. 

To summarize this new moon would be to aim for spiritual healing, most better in a group, but also individually. To start looking for new ideas, that can help a community and bring change.  

21st of February 

Rahu’s influence is still over Aries, making us want both recognition with a fear of failure complex. Now, this may depend on each chart, but aries is an impulsive sign, with Rahu it gives an impulsive action without thinking much about it, also giving the illusion that we understand all the risks, just to be surprised by more facts we didnt take in consideration or even foresee.

Rahu in Ashwini brings even more ambition as this is the first nakshatra of the vedic system and yes, that makes Jupiter and Rahu coming in close conjunction soon, but its impact will be more intense in the month of May.

Rahu in Ashwini will bring more focus on alternative healing, as well as yoga and meditation and we  will see a rise in students seeking self care practices.     

24th of February 

On this day Jupiter changes nakshatra’s and enters Revati. The last nakshatra in the vedic system, protected by its deity Pushan, also known as the God of meetings, but also of nourishment and abundance. Jupiter here will bring development in both the spiritual and material sides of our lives.

The deity itself is considered a guide of the souls to follow the path of dharma.  Jupiter here will become a gentle guide for us, and show us the path if we are willing to listen to Jupiter’s guidance. 

As a down side, Jupiter is the planet of abundance itself, in a nakshatra of abundance, so overindulgence is also a possibility. 

As an example : for Aquarius lagna (ascendent) , pisces (jupiter current position ) is the second house of material possession but also food, so overindulgence in food (specially sweets, because jupiter represents sweet food) 

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker