August #fierystars in Vedic Astrology

This month brings forth a wealth of fascinating changes on the astrological front. We can anticipate a remarkably powerful full moon in Capricorn, followed by a significant new moon in Cancer in close conjunction with Venus. Additionally, Mars will transition into the sign of Virgo, while Mercury begins its retrograde motion. All of these celestial events evoke a sense of nostalgia and encourage us to integrate elements from our past into our current reality, whether through reshaping or releasing them.

August 1st – Full Moon  in Capricorn (Shravana)

An incredible full Moon, influenced by Pluto, will illuminate our restrictions and past mistakes. A full moon in Capricorn or Aquarius always sheds light on our karmic patterns from this or previous lives, presenting an amazing opportunity for learning and healing. Let’s explore how it can manifest in our lives.

  • Some type of correlation with number 3
  • Listening to others could improve our karmas 
  • Writing about the past 
  • Protections mantras work best this day
  • Listening to guru’s and teachers teachings
  • Avoid gossip on this particular day
  • Speaking to help others improve themselves
  • Preserving the knowledge we have 
  • Good day for spiritual practices  

August 16th – New Moon in Cancer (Ashlesha) 

This New Moon will closely align with a Retrograde Venus in Cancer, suggesting that it may not be the most favorable day for relationships, particularly those that are committed. There is a potential for increased conflict and disagreements within relationships on this day. On a positive note, it is an excellent day for intuition and healing.

  • Increase intuition
  • Becoming more needy in relationship
  • Regrets in past relationships
  • Arguments in relationships
  • Gaining wisdom about our relationships
  • Increase in suspicion

August 18th – Mars in Virgo  

With this transit, Mars enters Virgo, which is considered one of its enemy signs due to the contrasting nature of Mars and the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury. As a result, this movement may bring about a significant increase in scattered energy within the collective. We may find ourselves feeling unfocused, engaging in excessive analysis, and taking less action. This transit could also create a constant mental pressure.

  • Always busy analyzing something 
  • Hard time making decisions 
  • Wanting to serve but also impose high standards for others to follow
  • Over planning things 
  • Getting angry for others taking “the easy way”

August 24th – Mercury retrograde 

On this day, Mercury will join Venus and Saturn in retrograde motion, although it will be in a different sign, Leo. As Mercury is friends with the Sun, its placement in Leo can be considered a positive transit. However, being retrograde can bring forth old matters from the past, although with the potential for a positive outcome.

  • Remember old dreams and ideas
  • Being more passionate about things 
  • Speaking from one’s heart 
  • Become more respectful when talking to others
  • Talking about big dreams (could not achieve most of them)
  • If Mercury is afflicted in chart, one can talk and be more aggressive 

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker