August – Major Events Vedic Astrology 


The month of August is marked by a very interesting and intense conjunction, and followed close after, by a very karmical full moon. Liana, our wonderful Vedic astrolger, has written down a few of the important things it could bring for us, as well as some remedies. 

Enjoy yogis!

1st -15th of August 

  • The beginning of the month starts with a conjunction between Rahu- Mars- Uranus , for those more astrologically passionate, this conjunction happened more than 2000 years ago in this specific sign
  • Each sign will be impacted differently 
  • It does signify change, sudden and very fast
  • Could also bring confusion and frustration 
  • A need to rush in decision making, patience is advised as well as mindfulness 
  • Anger should be in check as well, as we could get angry more quickly than usual. Adjust to kindness and compassion for others. 
  • Meditation would be a good remedy for such a period as well as working out, or simply taking walks in nature.

Transit of Saturn Jupiter 

  • Both are still retrograde since the previous months 
  • For those passionate about astrology their transit is important because they are slower moving plantes (Saturn 2,5 years and Jupiter 1 year)
  • Being retrograde and in own signs (the signs which they rule) makes this planets hold importance in prediction 
  • Retrograde will make us rethink our plans and change or adjust , making us work twice in the same area of life 
  • Saturn will show us where we are not being responsible 
  • Keeping a routine would help with this retrograde Saturn in transit 

Full Moon in Capricorn -12.08

  • Full moon in Capricorn – according to vedic astrology 
  • For those passionate for astrology , do note that Moon will conjunct Saturn while at its fullest 
  • Bringing light to our mental patterns , where we wish to see an illusion , where we have attachments 
  • Could also be a period were we need to go within and be more isolated 
  • This full moon could make people more sad than usual 
  • Yoga and meditation could help with the intensity of the mind in this period 
  • This full moon is not a good time to make changes in the workplace 
  • Capricorn represents rejection , its a good idea to search within what and where we are rejecting 

Mercury in Virgo – 21.08

  • Mercury rules 2 signs in astrology, Gemini and Virgo , so entering own sign is a good period 
  • Starting a new business would be benefic in this period if the personal chart also shows this 
  • Overall, communication will improve 

New Moon in Leo – 27.08

  • Good period for evaluating desires and needs, to start new creative projects 
  • Not a good period for partnerships 
  • Showing appreciation to ancestors is very benefic 
  • Meditation is advised
  • Exposure to sun in the morning between 8-10 am for at least 15 min 

Dive into meditation, practice & have a wonderful summer!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker