April, when stars decide…

The month of April is set to be a significant one as it will bring a number of celestial events that are likely to impact us. These include a Solar Eclipse in Aries, a Full Moon in Virgo, the retrograde motion of Mercury, and Jupiter’s entry into Aries. Each of these astrological phenomena is expected to have a unique effect on our lives and the world around us. So, brace yourself for an eventful and potentially transformative month ahead.

5th April – Full Moon 

This full moon will be in Virgo, Hasta nakshatra ( Moon dominance) as well as being aspected by Mars and Jupiter, so let’s explain a little bit what to be aware during this event:

  • This is a very auspicious and lucky day, its effect will be seen 3 days before and 2 after 
  • Very much impact on Virgo sign and Gemini
  • Good day for spiritual practices, yoga and meditation but also for astrologers 🙂 
  • Some association with no. 6 , either is in your birthday, or destiny number , or maybe a plan that should unfold in 6 weeks/dars/hours, etc
  • It’s a lucky day, but it will differ depending on each chart
  • As a negative representance, could surface a lot of anger and resentment of old wounds , something not being fair
  • A lot of healing energy 

19th april-20th April -Solar Eclipse in Aries 

Eclipses are seen as inauspicious in vedic astrology, but no fear necessary, it can not produce anything unless it is in our karmic energy. They represent a time of uncertainty, so any new beginning is not recommended. Also it is good to remember that this eclipse will be difficult for leo placement as well as for aries placement. Down below i will list some of the most important things from this eclipse:

  • This is aspected by Saturn, this plant will make sure that the karmical events will match our karmical energy and be fair in its judgment 
  • Not a good time to start any new projects, plans or even relationships 
  • It’s good for meditation, introspection 
  • Pay attention to your health
  • Don’t get in power struggles 
  • Not a good day to plan or undergo surgeries 
  • Pay attention to your pets health and general wellbeing 

21st April – Mercury goes retrograde

Mercury getting retrograde is no big news in the astrological community still, the sign where it goes retrograde and nakshatras might influence it. Mercury will be in Aries, while its lord Mars is in Gemini, making Parivartana Yoga, increasing energy in both planets and making them work “together” but this planets are not good friends. I will write below some of the impacts they will impose:

  • Retrogrades are considered powerful in vedic astrology, creating more energy of that planet
  • We might be able to take fast decision and realize we didn’t have all the data, more impulsive in talking and decision making
  • Even the smallest conversation will turn into a debate, as the competition to win an argument will increase 
  • This time however, is amazing for those in engineering and computer science 
  • More logical debate

22nd April – Jupiter in Aries  

This is an amazing transit for Aries, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius placement (sun , moon, ascendent) . Jupiter is good friends with Aries lord Mars, and this transit will be an easy one for Jupiter, at least for this month until its conjunction with Rahu. So lets see below some of the influence that Jupiter will have:

  • Good news for Aries placement 
  • A lot of optimism, a new beginning and more hope
  • Fearless
  • Very confident in what we believe
  • A lot of focus that things are fair
  • New project, easiness in achieving goals
  • More attention on healing , medicine field 
  • Good transit for pets as well, good for adopting a new pet 

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker