Autumn Astrology


Have you ever wished to test your patience but never got the opportunity!? Well, say no less!! Because September comes to the “rescue” ! This month comes with so many retrograde planets, which could bring delay in our day to day lives. Retrograde season is here, so buckle up with patience !! 

If you are waiting for any written response, or if you have anything to solve that includes documents and papers, you might wanna do it before the 10th, after that Mercury goes retro, all things mentioned in the following notes plus others, will definitely slow down.  

Liana, our wonderful Vedic astrolger, has written down a few of the important things the stars have prepared for us, as well as some recommendations. 

Enjoy yogis!

This month’s major events:

  • Mercury goes retrograde from September 10th – october 1st
  • Venus enters virgo in 25th of September 
  • Full moon September 10th in Aquarius 
  • New moon September 26th in Virgo 

Mercury retrograde 

  • Mercury will go retrograde on September 10th until October 1st 
  • This retrograde will be in Virgo, Mercury’s own exaltation point, meaning Mercury will display its quality to the maximum…which implies also communication problems..
  • This is very positive for gemini and virgo, taurus, leo, sagittarius vedic ascendent 
  • Usually this retrograde gives mental strength, good communication and writing abilities, and good learning capacity, focus and so on 
  • As well as problems in commute and transportation, slow debating or rethinking a problem or situation, problems in business (depending on charts), problems with gadgets 
  • As the new moon gets closer, this retrograde will be combust (too close to the sun in degree) doing exactly the opposite as said above, which also implies also communication problems, and this effect will be felt between 19.09 – 28. 09 
  • Most impacted signs for this period of combust will be Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Libra 

Venus in Virgo 

  • Venus will be in its debilitation point, where it presents the lesser version of the good qualities of  Venus 
  • Most impacted ascendent will be Taurus and Libra, also Aquarius to less extent Aries 
  • Arguments with partners are possible in this period, critical of others, more material desires, desire to be loved in a “certain” way 

Full Moon In Aquarius 10th of September

  • This full moon happens in purvabhadra nakshatra
  • The need to see the bigger picture so you can advance in life 
  • Can make us feel more cynical or angry 
  • Something can take us by surprise this day, depending on each chart  
  • We might see past our own illusions 
  • Aquarius sign is the most impacted, so those with prominent aquarius like ascendent, sun or moon 

New Moon in Virgo 25th of September

  • This new moon has in close conjunction Mercury and Venus 
  • Good for healing, yoga or meditation 
  • Sharing information with others is benefic, spending the day in collective 
  • Virgo will be the most impacted sign, Pisces and Gemini 
  • Having 4 planets in Virgo, this shows a change or event in life, depending on where virgo is placed in the chart 

Dive into meditation, practice & have a wonderful autumn!

Liana Olariu

Vedic Astrologist & Jyotish Seeker