My commitment and guidance is to build a bridge from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. My dedication is to share what I have learned for your betterment and for the betterment of humanity.

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For online or in location classes: Yoga is both revered by many and seen with some skepticism by some. With an open mind, though, one can judge it on its own merits this ancient practice. Read below and decide what is best for yourself. By downloading this free ebook, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions.

    Weekly livestream classes

    Online classes are a fantastic way of keeping up your practice if you are away and can‘t attend your daily routine class in person or you feel cozy at home and just need proper guidance by your teacher. With knowledge & technique comes power, courage & fulfilment.


    Unique Workshops, Masterclasses or Special Events, created & designed on various topics available both online or in locations. With knowledge & technique comes power, courage & fulfilment.



    Choosing one of our recorded programmes or classes is a good way to deepen your knowledge and practice in your own time, at your own pace and rhythm.


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    Meditation LIFETIME ACCES

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    Private Sessions

    A wonderful way to navigate on the chess board of life without compromising yourself, having the support from a mentor so you can get back on track and follow your goal.

    Pawan Yoga

    Private Sessions

    • Private Consultation
    • Private Mentoring Session & Yoga Class
    • Breathing Techniques & Gong Sound Healing Private Class
    • Mentorship Programme
    • Corporate Yoga
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    People's Impressions

    I feel like there is nothing more artistic than to love people.
    Vincent Van Gogh

    Iuliana, Psychotherapist

    I am deeply grateful for the balance and well-being I receive after each hour of yoga. It is amazing the relaxation, fulfillment, satisfaction and connection you feel with the energy of the group. Yoga has become a part of my life, and I thank Ana from the bottom of my heart.
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    Cristina,Yoga Teacher

    I really love the energy I have during and after I practice here. This may be different than what people are usually expecting from yoga, but here you don't find only the physical aspect of a practice, but you discover and learn about the spirituality that comes within. I recommend this place if you are on the path to discovering yourself.
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    The best, coolest yoga studio. Founder Ana Popescu, is a master teacher who embodies the Kundalini tradition in a uniquely gentle yet effective manner. A serene oasis where time slows, breath deepens and your soul is restored. Pawan is easily on the same level as the top yoga studios in NYC, where I’m based. Amazing gong meditation too.
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    Monica,Holistic Coach

    Honestly, i prefer the face to face classes, but nowadays we need to adapt to the current situation. I find Ana’s online kundalini sessions powerful and i really enjoy them. We build energy through working together and there is a wonderful group energy even in online classes.
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    Diana Iordache

    Ana's online classes are deep, profound, intense and always different. For me, it is the place where you have the opportunity to observe yourself, to surpass yourself and to evolve towards the best version of yourself.Thank you Ana! Diana Iordache, Accountant
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    Meet me in studio

    Connection is the key. Try the experience of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Bath Sound Healing or Special event in a studio location.


    A retreat is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, learn and cultivate your abilities, relax and rejoice through a creative approach in unique environments.

    Pawan creates and designs special retreats on various topics.

    june 2,2021

    Our retreats are taught by one or two teachers, always making a wonderful team guiding you towards your goals, deepening your knowledge about yoga, and more while rejuvenating your body mind, and soul. Locations, national or international, are chosen very carefully providing the best for our group of participants.

    Either for a 7 days retreat of an express 3 days retreat, you will live one of a kind experience. The subjects for each retreat are chosen by our team of experts: yoga hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, nutrition, gong sound healing, buddhist techniques, various meditation techniques.

    We are focused on personal and professional growth, elevation and awareness.

    Community in The World

    Pawan Association is our way of giving back and partnering up for charity events.

    Pawan Yoga

    Pawan Association

    PAWAN is part of several innovative projects in Romania and Europe.

    Our Belief is that each one of us has a unique way of reaching or looking for the higher self. Together we are creating the space as we speak, as we blink, as we breathe — it is a continuum for self-expansion, awareness and inner light.

    Together we are growing a community of people who are empowering each other to create harmony between the heart, mind and body.

    Truth is our Identity - Sat Nam

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    Your own studio

    Inspired by our studio or dreaming of opening your own yoga, meditation or pilates studio?

    Pawan Studio Bucharest

    by Ana Popescu
    “Prosperity is a state produced immediately by the mind. When the sun comes out of the clouds, everything is lit. When the mind comes out of duality, prosperity is there.” YB

    Let ’s create your dream!

    We are here to support your dream and offer consultations based on our experience in the field, marketing, design and branding. Our team is thrilled to work with you. Please complete our questionnaire to be able to assist you.

    Ana Popescu Founder & CEO

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    As a body everyone is single as a soul never. Herman Hesse


    The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new lands, but in looking through new eyes.Marcel Proust